Melbourne: Australia’s Coffee Capital

May 24, 2021
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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“Good idea starts with brainstorming. A great idea starts with coffee”

Most people all over the world are coffee lovers. We prefer coffee at any time of the day. Do you know about the coffee capital of the world? It’s Melbourne city, the capital of Victoria, Australia.

When Melbourne comes to our mind the first thing, we can relate to is a cup of coffee. Melbourne is known as the coffee capital of Australia. Not only coffee, but Melbourne is also very famous for its cultural background.


Melbourne - Coffee Capital of Australia's


From the Melbourne International film festival to theInternational comedy festival, it is the most livable city in the country. We find active sports, for which Melbourne is sometimes known as the sporting capital in Australia.

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Melbourne - Land of Caffeine


Melbourne, Land of Caffeine:

Brief History-

In 1830’ the café and restaurants started opening up in Australia and today, we find some best cafés and baristas in the world. During the period of the second world war, when the Italians immigrate to Australia, and with them this café culture came into existence.

From that time till today Australians are very particular about their coffee. Many coffee shops, cafés are set up. Compared to other cities Melbourne is at the top list with its five stared coffee shops.

In March 2016, Melbourne hosted its coffee culture at The International Coffee Expo at the Melbourne Showgrounds for the first time, which gave Melbourne coffee love to its peak.


Melbourne - Variety of Coffee


Variety of coffee-

Those days are long gone, when people used to have a simple latte. With time, Melbourne residents enriched coffee with more and more flavor and taste. Nowadays people prefer a single-origin roast, almond milk latte, espresso/ short black, long black, flat white, cappuccino, etc.

Melbournians set out to coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants in search of a caffeine fix more than other Australians. About 63% of the people of Melbourne frequently visit these places. Not only that in Melbourne market lane coffee is the best coffee of all time. Australia exports world-class coffee to different countries, which impacts the finance of Australia.

Now among all the finest cafes and coffee shops, here are some top three cafes in Melbourne:

St. Ali

When it comes to coffee, ST. Ali is one of the best cafés that pioneered coffee in Melbourne. This café is in Yarra Pl, South Melbourne. They have the best quality coffee and food. On their menu, they serve whole beans, capsules, cold brew, tea, types of beverages, etc. They also favor free shipping on orders over $99.

Operator 25

One of the Melbourne top bunch and specialty coffee café. This café is located at wills street Melbourne. They serve damn good coffee as well as a bunch, lunch, and other foods also. They provide delivery to your doorsteps. The ambiance of the café is just mind-blowing. The coffee specialty menu provides code black coffee, classic espresso-based drinks, coffee, and cold brew, single-origin, and many more.

Patricia Coffee Brewers

On the Little Bourke St, Melbourne, Patricia Coffee Brewers is located. This café was started in December 2011 by Bowen Holden and Pip Heath. On their top menu, they serve a variety of coffee roasters, beans, cold brew, and bakery. The calming surrounding of the café will give you good vibes.  This is one of the finest cafés one can visit in Melbourne.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, all the cafés, coffee shops, and restaurants are taking all the necessary steps and hygiene protections.