Movers and Shakers of the Current Floral Market

January 13, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The flower industry is all set to touch new heights in this New Year with new trends and ideas. This is not only related to the fresh flowers but also to the artificial flower market that is showing signs of high-level growth.  Not only are these new trends are breaking free from stereotypical ideas but they are also bringing magic touches to the patterns. So the next time you order flower delivery in Melbourne or want to buy flowers in Melbourne, you might be surprised by the new concepts that you will find.

So here we will list some of the key players of the global floral market and other trends.

1.  Aesme

This brand is one of the foremost that are bringing in new creative waves in the floral market and is set up by two sisters. Drawing their ideas from typical English gardens, the designer duo is creating delicate and intricate designs by using various flowers. They generally focus on roses while zinnias, clematis, and even long grasses play an important role in their creations. The colours they use range from white to shades of green and orange and even to fruits of different hues. If you want to add new touches to a Melbourne flower delivery, you can surely draw inspiration from their concepts.

2. Kitten Grayson Flowers

This is another brand that is creating great designs by adding a bohemian touch to their creations. They are inspired by the natural gardens which provide a myriad arrangement of various hues and have unique visual appeals. A large variety of flowers like roses, rudbeckias, zinnias geraniums, and ivy leaves are used by them and they love to get creative with anything that has a natural pattern on it. Their work is definitely influencing other designers and proves even by using the most common and cheap fresh flowers in Melbourne, you can get stunning results.

   3.  Juliet Glaves

Being not just a designer but also a flower grower, she has crafted a name for herself by her works with seasonal blooms. She loves to work with a wide range of flowers most of which you can collect from a florist in Melbourne. From roses and peonies to ranunculus, foxgloves, and dahlias, her work is a blend that is bright and informal and often ventures into a wilder side. She also uses colored glass, ceramic vessels, and tissue paper to add special touches to her designs. Not afraid to experiment, her work is full of rich textures and unique patterns that are eye-catching and fresh.

   4.  Artificial flower market

The artificial flower market is expected to rise at a fast rate this year with some of the key players like Tongxin Artificial Flowers, J.S. Flower, Nearly Natural and others, looking to strengthen their positions in the market. With new designs and arrangements coming into play, these companies are trying to attract customers with low-cost floral choices that can look as good as their real counterparts. The next time you order flower delivery in Melbourne, you can go for a blend of artificial ones along with fresh flowers.