Poinsettia Plant Care for Christmas

December 03, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The red charm of Poinsettia flowers is universal, and it is a flower that has always maintained deep connections with Christmas. These flowers are very popular as holiday decor items and also as Christmas flowers and their sale amounts to a significant figure during the festive seasons. The tradition of using Poinsettia flowers for Christmas decorations is centuries old, and in case you are wondering about how to use Poinsettia in Christmas, we are here to help you out.

If you love to grow your own flowers and want them to bloom just in time for Christmas, you need to follow a few procedures all through the year. Managing these Christmas plants in not a difficult task and all you need to give are some attention and care.

How to Grow Poinsettias

So you have decided to buy Christmas houseplant Melbourne and chosen a Poinsettia. To keep this plant growing for the next year you should know that these tropical plants need sufficient sunlight and humidity to grow.

These plants survive best at temperatures of about 18-22 degrees. They also do not prefer windy environments. The plant should be watered only when the soil gets dry as too much watering can damage the bloom and even the roots.

As winter ends, the blooms fade, and when spring arrives, you can prune the plant to a height of about 5-6 inches. You can keep watering and also add some organic fertilizers.

New leaves will sprout during summer and allow it to grow while making sure to put it in the shade when outside temperatures are very high. If the plant has grown too big, you may need to report it by using the same type of soil.

You can prune some of the stems once again at the end of July and follow a fertilising schedule of once every two weeks.

About ten weeks before the blooming time, the plant will need at least 12 hours of absolute darkness. You can keep the plant covered by a box during the night hours until the signs of colour appear in the leaves.

Christmas decor ideas using Poinsettias

These flowers come in various shades and using them to create colourful Christmas floral arrangements is a very good option.

. The right shades of Poinsettia can work as a standalone centrepiece for your table. You need to pick the right colour combinations to match with your room or arrange them in bright contrast to the main colours.

. The flowers can be used in wreaths to decorate various areas of your house. The bright red shade set along with other flowers can brighten up the stairway or the balustrades, and setting the right festive tone.

. Poinsettias of various shades can be used to create a lovely floral arrangement in a vase. You can cut the flowers from the stock and put the stalks in boiling water for about twenty seconds and then transfer them back in cold water. These will allow the flowers to remain fresh for long periods and you can combine the various shades to create a stunning arrangement.

Poinsettias are among the most popular Australian Christmas plants that you can choose and no matter how you arrange them, they will make your house glow with their colours.