Roses – Meaning to Their Colors and Number of Roses You Give

February 11, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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When it comes to charm and beauty roses are the undisputed queen of the floral kingdom. They are available in various colours and when you choose a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day in Melbourne you need to get the shade right. In addition, the number of roses that you gift hold a lot of significance too. So before you arrange some roses for delivery, take a look through this article where we will discuss the significance of the colours and numbers

1] The Red Rose : Red is definitely a popular choice for lovers and it occupies a top spot for expressing love and longing and articulating it through a gift of romantic flowers in Melbourne. The colour also stands as a symbol of admiration and devotion.

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2] The Yellow Rose: Yellow is the colour of joy and exuberance and when it comes to roses, they are the symbols of solidarity, friendship and caring. These roses do not have any touch of romance associated with them and will be ideal gifts for a platonic relationship.


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3] The White Rose :These roses are often used in bridal decorations as white symbolises chastity, innocence and a fresh start. The colour also symbolizes youthfulness and is quite often a symbol of spirituality. When you are out to choose the best romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day, it is better to combine white with another shade to make the arrangement more attractive.

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4] The Pink Rose : There are many shades of pink available and they carry different meanings. Generally pink is a colour representing femininity, sweetness and elegance. The light pink shade conveys a feeling of grace and happiness while the darker shades symbolize gratitude and appreciation.


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5] The Orange Rose : Orange is one of the brightest colours you will find in a rose and it is a symbol of desire, passion and fascination.

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Let us now take a look at the implication of the number of roses and the best numbers you can select while purchasing some Valentines flowers in Melbourne

A] A dozen roses are the best choice to accompany a message of love and to say “I love you”.

B] Six roses signify infatuation and an expression of a desire to come closer

C] Three roses are also a simple way of sending a message of love.

D] Twenty roses signify sincerity and dedication towards the partner

E] Thirty six roses are an exuberant expression of love and a mark of the special moments spend together.