Send Birthdays Flowers That Match Her Birthstone

March 13, 2020
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Send flowers for birthdays, matching the blooms with the birth flower of the recipient. Tell your loved ones how much you value them through this special gesture!

Birthstones are considered our lucky charms. Their colors often have special meanings in our lives. We feel happy when someone gifts us a bouquet of flowers in the same color. Melbourne Fresh Flowers brings to you a list of matching flowers according to your birthstone. If you are planning to order flowers for birthday, give this a read!

January: Garnet

Send Birthday Flowers Melbourne


The red garnet birthstone for January people. And, what does the red color remind you of? You guessed it right! Red roses – the timeless symbol of love. Pair it with other beautiful flowers such as daisies or tulips or carnations (the official flower for January), and you have the perfect gift of birthday flowers in Melbourne.

February: Amethyst

Send Beautiful Birthday Flowers Melbourne


The purple-colored amethyst is the birthstone for February. If you plan to send flowers for birthday, check out our unique flower arrangements with Lisianthus or Scented Stock. They are a source of natural beauty that also stands for wisdom, faith, and hope.

March: Aquamarine

White Hydrangea Delivery Melbourne


Aquamarine comes in a delicate blue color. Hydrangeas are the ideal floral options to complement the elegance and sophistication of this stone. Combine with white roses or white lilies to create a bouquet that is the epitome of grace.

April: Diamond

Send Carnation Roses Bouquet For Birthday Melbourne


White blooms like lilies, carnations, orchids, roses, Gerbera are considered the birth flower of April. They are also the perfect match for the beautiful diamond stone.

May: Emerald

Send Emerald Bouquet For Birthday Melbourne


Green chrysanthemums and green carnations (just like the green emerald) are often the flowers of choice when it comes birthday flower delivery in Melbourne for the month of May.

June: Pearl

Pearl Flower Bouquet Delivery Melbourne


White is the color for June. So, you are spoiled for choices between lilies, orchids, roses, the list goes on.

July: Ruby

Fresh Lilies for Birthday Delivery Melbourne


Water lilies are the birth flower of July. Pair them with the delightful daisy to complete your birthday flower surprise.

August: Peridot

Gladiolus Flower for Birthday Delivery Melbourne

The olive-green peridot is a unique stone, just like people born in the month of August. Gladiolus and poppy are the ideal flowers for this birth month.

September: Sapphire

Hydrangea Vase Arrangement for birthday Melbourne


For September, again, blue hydrangeas are soulful choice, along with the sincerity and balance associated with the morning glory.

October: Tourmaline or Opal


Peonies For Birthday Delivery Melbourne


The English marigold or calendula is the official October flower, signifying passion. Peonies are also a favorite for this month.

November: Topaz

Chrysanthemum Box Arrangement Melbourne


Colour variations of the topaz, from dark amber to pale yellow, lends flexibility to the choice of blooms. You can opt for the chrysanthemum, in its shades of orange, gold, and yellow.

December: Turquoise

A Posy of Delphiniums and Hydrangeas Delivery Melbourne


A posy of delphiniums and hydrangeas is the perfect gift to match the hues of the turquoise birthstone of December.