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August 09, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Why do people love orchid flowers?
A popular flower named after one of its habitats is a matter of pride for that country. We are talking about the Cooktown Orchid which was one of the popular species in Australia. Originally known as Dendrobium Phalaenopsis or Dendrobium bigibbum , it was later renamed as Vappodes Phalaenopsis. Recently, Dendrobium bigibbum complex has been separated into the genus Vappodes. It was prolifically found in Cooktown, Australia which is where it got its name. However, now it has become rare due to over-collecting by collectors for commercial purposes. You can send Cooktown orchid flowers online to your loved ones.

Orchid is itself one of the beautiful flowers popular among the growers for cultivation and hybrids. Orchidaceae is a family of flowering plants which are colourful and fragrant. There are about 28,000 accepted species and they are available in the colours of white, red, purple, pink and yellow among others. They are used for perfumes, horticulture, food, medicines and cultural symbols among others. If you are looking for Orchids flower delivery in Melbourne, you can get in touch with Melbourne Fresh Flowers.

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Things to know about Cooktown orchid flowers

commercialized and people used to get them from the nearby florist. However, now the scenario has changed as there are many professional flower delivery services that provide quality blossoms. They have understood the need of the hour and operate through the website. People could buy flowers and get them at their doorstep. This way flower delivery in Melbourne became easy. These flower delivery services take special care of customers and their preferences and requirements. They provide customized arrangements of a beautiful and distinguished variety of flowers for events and functions. Your loved ones will be impressed with your choice of blossoms.

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Talking about the distinct species, they also provide exotic blossoms of various regions for their consumers and the Cooktown orchid is one of them. Cooktown is a small locality in Queensland, Australia and Cooktown orchid has been the floral emblem for Queensland Australia since 1959. The flower is usually purple in colour with varieties of white. You can order Cooktown flowers from Melbourne Fresh Flowers.

Melbourne Fresh Flowers is a florist in Melbourne who provides one of the best offer prices and same-day delivery for Cooktown orchids for your loved ones. You can amaze your loved ones with the surprise delivery of flowers.