Sending Flowers to Your Special One When You Can’t Be There

June 13, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Flowers have always been a great gift for any occasion of life, especially if you are away from your loved ones may be for the first time or for a long time. Most probably this is because no other gift can provide you with a natural touch with aura and refreshment altogether like flowers.

Not just the receiver gets pleased by flowers, but the right choice of flowers according to occasion speaks a lot about the taste and mentality of the sender too. Be it a birthday or a marriage anniversary or even a simple get well soon message; flowers can turn very ordinary gesture into a soothing experience.

1. Make the Birthday of Your Sweetheart Special with the Best Quality Flowers

Birthdays of near and dear ones are always very special to us. Whether it’s the birthday of our eighty years old grandparent or the birthday of our youngest kid, a perfect celebration of this day can leave a long-lasting memory in the heart.

a) Lilies, Orchids, and Roses are the most popular flowers to be gifted on the occasion of the birthday. The soothing color and fragrance of these flowers have made them so perfect for a birthday. When lilies represent happiness and positivity; elegant orchids represent strength, beauty, and love. Sending your loved ones these flowers will surely make their special day worth to cherish forever.


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b) Roses are also a brilliant choice for birthday gifts. The bright color, along with unmatched fragrance makes it the best suited for birthday surprises. The bright red colors of roses represent the passion for love while the soothing yellow roses represent the spirit of togetherness and friendship.

Melbourne Fresh Flowers is an emerging name in birthday flower delivery in Melbourne. You can send birthday flowers bouquet of various types under one this one roof.

2. Express Your Love Towards Your Partner with the Special Anniversary Flowers

Marriage anniversary always demands a floral gift with an aromatic and refreshed environment. Amidst this clumsy, chaotic, and routine-held life, anniversaries feel much like as to why we live lives. And if it’s the occasion of your wedding anniversary, then nothing can be better than gifting flowers. There are distinct flowers to be gifted for different years of celebration of a wedding anniversary. Your right choice of flowers can make the day of your special ones a gala day. For the best kind of anniversary flower delivery, you can trust Melbourne Fresh Flowers.


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a) The first marriage anniversary’s occasion can be best decorated with carnations. The deep red color of Carnations represents your passion for love, strength, and affection of your youth.

b) While the third marriage anniversary is represented by Sunflowers, the fourth anniversary is best decorated by Geranium or Hydrangea flower. The sober and soothing color of these flowers symbolizes the stability and certainty of married life.


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c) The tenth and fifteenth years of wedding anniversaries are mostly celebrated with Daffodils and red roses. As the couple grows old, time demands the flashback of memories to rejoice the youth again. The daffodils and red roses are perfect to rewind the memories of older days of love and to cherish them forever.

d) Spending two and a half decades’ winters together with hand in hand is not at all a matter of joke in any relationship. Hence, the celebration of silver jubilee, i.e., twenty-fifth year of marriage anniversary should be somewhat grand special, and Iris flowers are the best choice for this special point of life. Iris flowers, undoubtedly, represent the faithfulness, hope, and trust. Hope to carry on life with the same old partner comes with the faith you have towards your partner and Iris flowers merge these two great virtues. Hence, they are considered the best symbol for a twenty-fifth marriage anniversary.

So, send anniversary flowers bouquet to your loved ones, and the choice of flowers will express your feelings without words.

3. Show your Care with the Sympathy Flowers

Flowers to be sent for getting well soon message or sympathy is also a deal of good choice.


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A simple bouquet of olive flowers or carnation or lilies can change the whole scenario and convey your message a thousand times more than your spoken words. Melbourne Fresh Flowers is an emerging name in sympathy flower delivery in Melbourne. You can send sympathy flowers bouquet of various types under this one roof.

So, don’t be upset when you are away from your near and dear ones, send them flowers, and express your care and love towards them.