Significance Of Carnations For Mother’s Day

April 09, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Carnations have been the popular choice for Mother’s Day ever since the tradition of honoring moms was started in the early 1900s. It was during this period that Anna Jarvis initiated this noble thought of honoring moms for their love and sacrifices for a family. She collected and distributed 500 stalks of white carnations to all the mothers who attended the local church. Since then, carnations have become an obvious choice for Mother’s Day.

Carnations In Christian Belief


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The Christians believe that carnation first bloomed on earth my mother Mary’s tears that fell down on the earth after seeing her son Jesus carrying his cross. Such a beautiful manifestation of a mother’s love for her child is indeed a holy gift for all of us. And that’s why carnations are also called “flowers of the gods” and “flowers of love.”

What Carnations Signify


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Nothing in the materialistic world is as pure as a mother’s love. No amount of wealth or worldly pleasure is enough to compare the love moms have for their children. To represent such pure love, carnations are the best choice for they signify purity, love, luck, and admiration. Generally, white carnations are preferred for Mother’s Day since they symbolize the virtues of motherhood.

What Carnations Colors Signify


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Carnations are found in a wide palette of colours from pale pink to peach, red, purple, yellow, green, and white. While the general meaning of carnations is love and purity, each color conveys a different message. For example, red carnations represent admiration. When replaced with dark red color, these flowers convey strong sentiments, love, and affection. White carnations signify purity, love, luck, and faithfulness. Pink carnations mean ‘always on my mind.’

Carnations – The Eternal Beauty


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Carnations have been in use since the period of the Greeks and Romans. The Romans used them in religious, cultural ceremonies, and for art decorations. Even today, we can find them paired with other flowers for wedding bouquets and flower arrangements. Bearing exceptional charm and allure, these flowers are immediately recognizable. They easily captivate attention and are even preferred over roses in many countries. No wonder, carnations have been admired, adored, and cherished for centuries.

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