The Best Flowers to Celebrate New Year Eve with Joy

December 31, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The New Year is a time for festivities and enjoyments and flowers can add to that spirit with their evergreen beauty. Due to the proximity of Christmas and New Year, you may think that happy New Year flowers can be similar to that of Christmas, but that would not be a right judgement. The New Year flowers have a tone and charm of their own, and they are designed in more colourful ways. Despite the chill of the season, you can find some colourful flowers to decorate your New Year’s party. To get the best flower bouquets, you need to pick the right flowers, and we list five of the best flowers that you can select for New Year’s Eve.


No matter what time of the year it is, carnations are a real beauty for all occasions. You will find many of the happy New Year flower bouquets crafted out of lovely shades of carnations. Carnations are also the birth flower of January month, making them ideal for the New Year. The shape of carnations and the wide range of colours they are available in make them perfect for stylish bouquets, and their long-lasting freshness is an added advantage. It is a flower that has retained its popularity through the pages of ancient history and is still one of the most popular flowers in the world.


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Lilies are a symbol of eternal beauty, and their charm can really light up any New Years eve flower arrangement. The beautiful spread of the petals of this flower occurs around midnight, making them a wonderful choice to usher in the New Year. The intoxicating smell of these flowers has also given rise to the belief that the flower has certain mystical properties — the variety of shades and designs that have different meanings and annotations. Be it the magnificent stargazer lily or the serene beauty of the peace lily; these flowers can bring about the right positive ambience for the New Year. You can also combine lilies with other flowers to create a wonderful bouquet.


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They are one of the brightest choices that you can select for a New Year’s decoration or for designing any bouquet for New Year. The sunflower is a flower that exudes cheerfulness and positivity and can easily lift one’s spirit to embrace the New Year with joy and hope. Originally cultivated in Central America, the tall stalks and bright petals that gaze at the sun makes a field of sunflowers a truly majestic sight. The flowers come in small to very large sizes and can be ideally arranged in some special bouquets or can be combined with other flowers. The beauty of sunflowers have inspired artists through the centuries and being associated with the sun; they can bring the same warmth in your New Year’s party.


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Snow Drops-

These flowers exude a special elegance in the cold periods of winter when they bloom in their full splendour. A carpet of these flowers can look fabulous in a garden and can also be the perfect component for a wildflower bouquet if you wish to make a flower delivery on New Years Eve. These are tough flowers that can withstand the cold and keep blooming through the winter. There are multiple varieties of this flower available along with hundreds of hybrids that have been developed. Each of these varieties has its own unique beauty and can be a perfect flower for the New Year to bring in the fragrance of spring.


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Last but not least, roses can be a part of any celebration and are equally adored by everyone. These are one of the oldest flowers that have captured the fascination of humans from prehistoric periods. It is a universally admired flower that is not only a symbol of love and admiration but also a symbol of nature’s magnificence. You can create a special design using various shades of roses or can combine them with other flowers. If you are planning for flower delivery on New Year’s Eve, roses can definitely be a great choice. For a classic arrangement, choose a combination of white and red roses to create a magnificent setting. Such an arrangement can bring the spirit of joy to the house during New Year night.


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 So these are some of the flowers that you can use to decorate your house or send to your loved ones during the period of New Year. No matter which one you choose, they are bound to lift the moods of those to glance upon their beauty.