The Complete Guide to Orchids

November 15, 2016
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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It’s not every day that we are able to see something that can lift our mood, soothe our minds, and make our day. Flowers have that kind of smell, taste, appearance, feel, and ethereal beauty that can attract all our senses. Just one glimpse of them is enough to calm our anxiety. And when you get to look at orchids regularly on your way to the office, you will never experience a dull day. Orchids have striking looks and grow in varied sizes, shapes, and colors. There are plenty of varieties of these exotic flowers, all of which are possible to look at only in a fair or on a website of a florist in Melbourne. This guide will help you know the different types of orchids and order them online.


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Cattleya Orchid

This beautiful orchid is large, fragrant, and ideal for vase displays and lifting the looks of a wedding venue. It is grown indoors and can last up to months. A full-blown Cattleman Orchid has five broad petals with distinct markings and texture. It comes in different patterns and varieties of colors. If you are thinking of presenting a wedding bouquet, think about shopping with online flowers in Melbourne for there is a little chance that you can get it at a local florist.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

If you are looking for something that goes with the sanctity of a wedding, then choose a Phalaenopsis orchid in white color. It has exotic looks and broad-winged petals that resemble butterflies. So delicate are these flowers that they require ideal temperature, light, and humidity. When you are purchasing these beautiful orchids, order flowers online in Melbourne for they are experts in handling these delicate flowers and can see that they don’t lose their charm during transportation.


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Vanda Orchid

This is one of the beautiful species among the 20,000 orchids that nature has provided to humankind. It comes in an enormous variety, colors, and sizes. This cut flower can last long and can be paired and wired for decorative purposes. It is the preferred orchid by women to use as a fashion accessory with their hair and dresses.

Singapore Orchid

This orchid is Singapore’s national flower and probably the only one that has a large range of colors. Even the petals of these flowers differ in thickness and shape. They are easy to grow and are long-lasting. Due to their long-stem size, these flowers are convenient to use in creating different types of floral designs. They are most suitable for decorative works in weddings, corporate sectors, and other types of events.


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Cymbidium Orchid

This is another popular orchid that comes in 50 different species, out of which, plant growers have cultivated thousands of flowers by combining two or more flowers. These are seasonal flowers and can grow only in winter and spring. It grows with a lengthy band of green leaves at the bottom and the flowers above them with an extended stem. You can find them in burgundy, orange, chocolate, yellow, and other colors with rich tones.

Slipper Orchid

This orchid can definitely grab eyeballs owing to its strange looks. It is so named because of its wide slipper-shaped lip. What makes this orchid rare and beautiful is its convoluted design and hue intensity on the petals. It has the largest petals among all the orchids and is rare to get in the local flower market. If you need a different and unusual orchid, order slipper orchid online in Melbourne.


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Dancing Lady Orchid

This one is the most delicate of all the orchids. The blooms are small and hang on a long stem. Besides its delicateness and small size, it is seen only in yellow and brown colures. However, it is a fantastic cut flower for vase displays and enhancing the looks of a room and an office.