The Impressive and Unique Birthday Surprise Ideas

August 02, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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A birthday is a time when friends and relatives pour in with good wishes, blessings, and gifts for the birthday celebrator. But all are not lucky to be with their loved ones on their birthdays. If you are not able to attend the occasion personally, you can still wish the birthday celebrator and show how much you miss him or her. All you need to do is send birthday flowers to Melbourne by placing an order with an online florist. To make the day special for the recipient, use these impressive and unique birthday surprise ideas.

Birthday flower bouquet

Say “Happy Birthday” with a stunning birthday flower bouquet and surprise the recipient. A brightly-colored birthday flower bouquet is the best thing to surprise the birthday boy or girl. For the bouquet, use any of these popular birthday flowers –  carnation, roses, lilies, sunflower, or orchid. Ask an online florist in Melbourne to prepare a gorgeous flower arrangement using single or more flowers types. However, it will depend on the talent and experience of the online florist for creating an impressive birthday flower bouquet. So order the bouquet with an experienced online florist that offers same-day flower delivery in Melbourne.


Beautiful Box Arrangement For Birthday


Floral Crown

If the birthday celebrator is a girl, send her a gorgeous floral crown. As there will be a birthday party for friends and relatives in the evening, the floral crown will make her cynosure of all eyes. Use birthday flowers to make the crown. It will surely surprise the birthday girl as well as make her knowledgeable about floral crowns not just being used for weddings only.


Birthday Floral Crown Delivery Melbourne


Floral Photo Frame

A colorful floral photo frame with a picture will be the best surprise gift for the birthday boy or girl. But don’t use artificial flowers on the frame. Though such flowers last long, they aren’t impressive. You will need a medium or large wooden frame depending on what size you wish to gift along with styrofoam, gold craft wire, fresh birthday flowers, and greenery. If DIY is not possible for you, better ask the online florist to create one for you and deliver on a special day.


Birthday Floral Photo Frame Melbourne


Floral pet

We all have a favorite pet that we adore and enjoy its company. Whether it is a puppy, kitten, piglet, or a foal, we invariably develop a deep attachment to it. You can strengthen that attachment by gifting a favorite pet made of fresh flowers. The birthday celebrator will hold such an impressive and adorable gift to his or her heart for a long.


Birthday Floral Pet Arrangement Melbourne


Miniature botanical garden

Just like the bouquets, there are endless possibilities of incorporating creativity in making this gift. Pots are available in myriads of shape, size, and height. You will just need some textured, green leaves along with some bright birthday flowers in yellow, and orange. This gift of yours will definitely stand apart and make an ever-lasting impression.


Miniature Botanical Garden


Making impressive birthday gifts to surprise the recipient is time-consuming and requires creativity. So, order online with Melbourne Fresh Flowers and surprise the birthday celebrator. This online florist work with a team of floral designers. Besides serving Melbourne, they offer flowers for birthdays in Toorak, and other suburbs. You can also avail of flower delivery online in South Yarra.