The Secret Meaning Of The Different Colors Of Valentine Roses

January 17, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Very soon the red color will be dominating the streets since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Anything that you will see on this day will be in red color, be it a teddy bear, heart-shaped cushions, pillows, and balloons, greeting cards, and flowers. While the red roses are deeply associated with Valentine’s Day, you will be amazed by the secret meaning of the colors of Valentine’s roses.

Yellow Roses                                                                           

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Friendship is the best thing that happens in anyone’s life and them happy. To celebrate the happiness derived from friendship, yellow roses are the best gift to give. Their bright color and beauty instantly cheer up anyone. The yellow color best signifies cheerfulness. Gifting yellow daffodils, tulips, begonias, or chrysanthemums will show your thoughtfulness.

Pink Roses                                                                              

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Pink is a feminine color and roses of this hue are associated with love, beauty, and grace. If you admire your girlfriend or wife for all these characteristics, gift her pink roses. Giving these delicate and gentle flowers will also express your admiration, happiness, and joy for the special person for being in your life.

Orange Roses                                                                           

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Love, romance, and passion are beautifully expressed by orange roses. They represent your attraction, admiration, and happiness for someone. Orange gerberas, tulips, and Asiatic lilies can convey how passionately you are attached to someone.

Green Roses                                                                           

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Green is the color of life, youth, and health. When you gift someone green roses, you are expressing that your relationship with the recipient be always glow and there will be no dull moments in life. Since green also means growth, your love will keep growing years after year. Gift her green chrysanthemums and infuse life in romance.

Purple Roses                                                                           

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Purple irises and orchids will be the best Valentine’s Day for her if you want to convey admiration and adoration. These flowers also represent ‘love at first sight.’ So when you are enchanted with the beauty of someone, go ahead and gift them.

Peach Roses                                                                         

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If you have had a rough patch in your love life, and are desperate to patch up, nothing can help you better than peach roses. Gifting them will convey that you are eager to bury all the hatchets and get together once again. Peach color also represents the modesty, demureness, and innocence of women.

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