Top 10 Auspicious Plants for Chinese New Year 2021

February 10, 2021
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The Chinese new year 2021 is around the corner, and it’s time to ring into the celebrations & spread good vibes among our loved ones. Along with decorating the home, cooking delicious meals, and sending Chinese New Year wishes to our people, it’s time to pick the best auspicious plants.

To help you with the best good luck plants for Chinese New Year, we have handpicked the top ten plants for you. Surprise your family members and friends by greeting them with Chinese new year flower and plant arrangements.

Lucky plants for Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year 2021 celebrations might be different from the previous years amid the ongoing situation, but it doesn’t mean that it should miss anything. Pick the best plants and tell your loved ones how much you care for them.

1. Orchid Plants

Orchids are among the most popular options that you can pick for celebrating the new year. Orchids represent abundance, fertility, and elegance. These are the best luxury flowers online that you can find and surprise your loved ones.

Orchids are among the most preferred Chinese New Year gifts that bring happiness to the home and give a luxurious touch to our place.


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2. Lucky Bamboo

As the name suggests, it’s an ultimate ‘lucky gift’ to bring happiness to your loved ones’ lives. Lucky Bamboo brings good luck, joy, and peace in life. It’s an attractive decorative plant that you can keep at your home or gift to your dearest one.

This plant is among popular traditional gifts for the Chinese new year which has long straight stems and long healthy leaves. Lucky Bamboo can grow up to one meter, and it makes it a perfect plant to glam up your living space.


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3. Money Tree

To amp up the Chinese New Year decorations, a money tree is a perfect pick. The best part about a money plant is that you can decorate them indoors and outdoors—welcome guests at your home with the auspiciousness and greenery of the money tree. You will easily find florists that offer quick flower delivery in Melbourne so that you can decorate your place in no time.


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4. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are among the most loved Chinese New Year flower arrangements that bring happiness and prosperity to your home. And, if you are planning to send flowers online in Melbourne or another city at your dearest one’s place, it’s a perfect pick. Greet your people with the longevity, and freshness of these blossoms.


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5. Hydrangea

Wish a Happy Chinese New Year 2021 to your people with colorful hydrangea plants and flowers. These beautiful flowers signify gratitude, constant support, and hence these flowers are also a blissful choice for Chinese New Year gifts.


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6. Roses

Roses are blissful flowers for Chinese New Year 2021 that signify enthusiasm, beauty, and unconditional love. Whether you ring in the Chinese New Year celebration in Melbourne, you will easily find these evergreen roses. Avoid going out of your house, and buy flowers online from your favorite florist.


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7. Lilies

Lilies have their significance in celebrating Chinese New Year as they signify devotion, purity, and fertility. You can go for white or yellow lilies and decorate your place to bring in positive vibes for this festivity.

Opt for same-day Chinese New Year Flower Delivery in Melbourne at your doorsteps and club with some red roses, and orchids for creating a perfect tea table flower décor. If you are searching for the best options for flower delivery in Melbourne, lilies will bring a bright smile to your loved ones’ faces for sure.


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8. Peony

Peony plants represent richness, peace, and happiness in Chinese mythology, and they are a preferred option for gifting Chinese New Year Flowers in Melbourne. These flowers are readily available online, and they are available in multiple colors.

You will find many florists new you that offer quick and affordable flower delivery in Melbourne, and other places. Club these beautiful peony flowers with a hand-written card and surprise your dearest on this auspicious occasion.


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9. Snake Plant

Snake Plant has a special place in Chinese New Year, and this plant absorbs all negative around to spread positivity. These lush green plants are best for indoor decoration and are easy to move. Snake plants are a perfect setting to welcome your guest and greet them with positive vibes. Begin the celebrations for Chinese New Year in Melbourne, or where you love the greenery, and let the positive energy flow around you.


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10. Marigold

The golden color marigold plant signifies enthusiasm, positive energy, and good luck. Along with your home décor, marigolds are a perfect option for your loved people.


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Final Thoughts

Begin your Chinese New Year 2021 on an energetic note and spread happiness among your family, friends, and office colleagues. Order fresh locally grown and imported blossoms from Melbourne Fresh Flowers and get same-day delivery at your doorsteps.