Top 10 Most Beautiful Christmas Table Decorations Which Are Too Sweet To Resist

December 10, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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What’s your Christmas Table decoration style for this year? Having any thought? Don’t worry, here we have handcrafted top 10 most beautiful Christmas table decorations which are too sweet to resist. Choose your favourite one and amaze everyone out right there. So, let’s get started with the ideas.

1. Table Centre Decoration:
Give a perfect makeover to your dining table with a small bunch of mix flowers and long red candles. This combination looks absolutely stunning and royal. It will look more mesmerising on small tables, if you are having a table for four persons, this decoration is for you. You can also try order Christmas flowers Melbourne florists for any kind of fresh flowers.

2. Fruit Platter with Flowers:
Decorate your big fruit platter with some small and cute looking flowers like jasmine. This will take the table decoration to the next level. Make your fruit place more colourful by using different colour flowers. You can also get flower delivery in Melbourne for your table decoration.

3. Table Plate decoration:
You can place a lily in each plate you have on the table to give a special greeting note to your guest. When they will sit on the table, they will notice such attention to detail. Pro Tip- Purchase lily just before a couple of hours before the lunch or dinner to keep them fresh. You can order lilies from Melbourne flowers, they offer on-demand fresh flowers.

4. Prepare small wreath for the table:
For the table centre, you can prepare a small flower wreath made up of mix flowers. This will look beautiful when the candles are lit up. You can also use a scented candle for the decoration.

5. Rose Petal Decor:
Roses are evergreen, right? Use fresh rose petal to decorate the table. Spread a decent amount of petals and let them spread their pleasant fragrance in the room. This will also suit on long dining tables as preparing multiple wreaths could be time-consuming. If you are planning to send flowers on Christmas day Melbourne you must check out Melbourne Flowers.

6. Use tier stand:
You can use tier stand as a table decoration too. Decorate the tier stand with flowers and chocolates and keep the stand in the middle of the table.

7. Use candy canes for unique decor:
Use candy canes to decorate your boring vase and give it a Christmas look. Stick candy canes around the flower vase and let it dry for a moment. Once it’s ready, you can use it on your table for ultimate decor. If you are reading this post from Australia, you can send Christmas bouquets Melbourne from

8. Rustic live moss:
If you want to give a rustic and vintage look to your dining table, you can use live moss for the decoration. As it takes minimum effort for the décor and also looks unique. If you have a wooden table, it will even suit.

9. Christmas Balls and Flowers:
Give a funky and alive décor to your table by using sparkling Christmas balls and flowers. This is an evergreen décor which can never be out of fashion.

10. Full white bliss:
Have you tried a full white décor? it looks absolutely stunning. Use white carnations and lilies to decorate your Christmas table to grab everybody’s attention.