Top 10 Rose Varieties for Valentine’s Day 2021

January 22, 2021
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Valentine’s Day 2021 is around the corner, and it’s the best day to say those three magical words to your partner and express your gratitude. And, when we think of Valentine’s Day Flowers, the first image that pops out in our mind is of Valentine’s Day Roses.

Roses are one of the most preferred flowers to give someone on Valentine’s Day and beyond. However, picking the right rose could be overwhelming as there are several rose varieties available. To help you choose the right one, we have selected the top rose varieties for Valentine’s day.

Pick the best flowers for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and express how much you love her with all your heart. Be it your first date or the 10th one, the excitement of giving Valentine’s Flowers remains the same. To uplift your loved one’s mood and make Valentine’s Day 2021 special, pick the most romantic one for your Valentine’s Day Roses Delivery.

1. Kenyan Roses

Kenyan is among the premium roses, and they are widely popular in Australia and around the world. People love these roses for Valentine as they stay fresh for a long time and keeping them in a vase doubles their lives. Kenyan roses are of large heads, and they are grown in high-altitude areas. You can easily buy this variety of roses online from your nearest Flower Delivery Melbourne hub.


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2. Colombian Roses

Colombian roses are another popular variety in the rose variety names and are known for their immense size and dense petals. They are grown in highly-fertile areas of Colombia and are popular as the best-selling rose varieties of Australia. They will be a perfect option for proposing your special someone on Valentine’s Day 2021.

Get the fastest flower delivery in Melbourne at the doorsteps of your nearest florist and make the day extra special with Colombian roses.


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3. Rhodos Roses

Are you searching for luxury flowers online for Valentine’s Day to make your loved one happy? Rhodos Rose comes at the top rose variety list. The best part about these blossoms is that the stem is thrones-less and the petals are slightly larger. So, you can make your Valentine 2021 fresh flower arrangements exceptional with the incredible variety of Rhodos roses.


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4. Ever Red Roses 

Ever Red roses are yet another addition to the premium quality roses online. They are just perfect for luxury flower arrangements and to surprise your better half. These Ever Red roses come in medium-sized heads and are intense red. They are readily available online, and you can buy these roses online from your nearby florist in Melbourne or any other place you are putting up.


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5. Freedom Roses

You can call the Freedom roses, the classic roses that are commonly available and they are vibrant in color. If you are confused, then the freedom roses are the answer to what flowers to get on Valentine’s Day for your dearest one. If you plan to decorate your house or do some DIY, these roses are the best for that purpose.


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6. Monte Carlo Roses

Monte Carlo roses come with regular stems, and their foliage is dense and crisp. The Monte Carlo roses’ petals are of shiny, velvety texture and come with a right 6 cm head size. These are also a popular choice to send Valentine flowers online to your loved one for a pleasant beginning of Valentine’s Day.


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7. Hot Blood Roses

Hot Blood roses are among popular choices for Valentine Arrangements Ideas as they come with thin stems and have no thorns in them. These roses’ color has a slight orange tint which makes them look fabulous. These roses are widely available for Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery


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8. Incredible Roses

As the name reflects, these incredible roses look attractive with their large petals and thin stems. It’s best if you are looking to give a single rose as it comes with a long stem.


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9. Royal William Rose

Royal William rose is a kind of hybrid tea rose, and it has a classic dark red color. The bouquet of Royal William roses looks refreshing with its broad petals. If you are planning to send flowers online to Melbourne this is also a good option.


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10. Premium Vs Extra Premium Roses

Premium or extra premium roses are select roses with big head sizes, and they are denser than other available flowers. You can go for a beautiful bouquet of six premium roses which is perfect for bringing a smile to your dear one’s face.


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Final Thoughts

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