Top 5 Australian Native Flowers for Your Wedding Arrangement

November 01, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Australia is naturally gifted. She has been blessed with a remarkable variety of flora and fauna. And with the trend of opting for native flowers for wedding arrangements, choosing the right Australian native flowers in Melbourne has become an art.

Weddings are, indeed a special occasion. Making the right choice will help save costs while also adding a rustic country feel to the overall wedding arrangements. Let us together check out the best Australian native flowers that you can make use of at your wedding!



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Why choose a native flower theme for your wedding

With contemporary generations increasingly falling back on rustic décor and the country décor theme, Australian native flowers are making their appearance in wedding arrangements across the country. Native flowers offer variety, while helping you to make a personal statement!

The Flannel Flower

These white beauties are soft to the touch, a softness that augments the romanticism of any wedding. The soft flowers also add a sense of calm in the sheer chaos of weddings! If freshness and summer are the themes for your wedding, the flannel is an ideal choice. Choose from our offerings of wedding arrangements and make your special day an exceptional one, even for the guests.


Flannel Flowers For Wedding


Australian Waratah

Brides are the queens at their own weddings. And the majestic Waratah is the ideal companion for any queen on her special day. Available in a combination of pink and red, the waratahs are naturally designed to blend into any Australian native flower bridal bouquet. Derived from the Greek word “telepos”, waratahs symbolize a beacon whose crimson brightness stands out, just like a queen does. Make this exceptional bloom a part of your wedding floral display.


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Eucalyptus Leaf

You are probably wondering how koala fodder can be part of a wedding décor! Well, apart from its medicinal and food value, eucalyptus leaves make for a pretty sight in wedding bouquets and décor centerpieces.
Add any one or multiple from the seven hundred (yes, you read that right) varieties of eucalyptus leaves to enrich the floral arrangements at your wedding. Make this memorable day even more unique!

Everlasting Daisies

Beauty is synonymous with daisies. These colourful blooms can enrich any wedding decorations, no matter the form or colour of the décor. It is easy to confuse them as artificial at first glance because of the thin paper-like texture of the petals. But, they are as real as they come. Available in a range of colours including white, pink, deep red, yellow, and orange, daisies are versatile enough to blend into any wedding décor easily. You can also choose to use them in floral crowns or table decorations.


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King Proteas

These flowers are striking. They are royalty personified! They are a must-have for floral crowns because of the way the petals are arranged on the flowers. These huge flowers are a powerhouse in themselves, and a single flower is good enough as a bridal bouquet.


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Thinking of putting your bold nature out there for your guests to admire on your wedding day? Then, this unconventional Australian native is your weapon of choice. Of the many varieties available, the acorn banksia is a particularly standout one. You don’t need a lot to make a statement. This uniquely (natural) designed flower is your ally when it comes to showstoppers for your floral wedding arrangement.
What’s more, if the groom is a little unconventional and does not subscribe to the idea of pinning a rose for a buttonhole, he can easily opt for these bright native alternatives!


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DIY Native Flower Arrangements for Weddings

If you are part of the DIY generation, you would want to try your hand at experimenting with native flower arrangements for your wedding or that of a close friend or a loved one. Native flowers make for a more unique and interesting signature than traditional floral choices can, such as roses.

Try pairing flannel flowers with eucalyptus leaves, another native of Australia, or even with the King Protea. Similarly, try pairing your favorite daisies with wax flowers or Billy buttons.

Choosing wedding flowers is not a walk in the park. A lot of thought goes into mind: what the bride and groom are like? What will the guests be receptive to? The location and season in which the wedding is taking place? Australian native flowers, owing to their versatility, offer a relatively hassle-free option in this regard. Check out Melbourne Fresh Flowers for the most professional wedding arrangements.