Top 5 Native Australian Flowers You Would Like

November 01, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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When you heard of the term Australia, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Flowers are the thing that brings a smile to your face and adds vibrant colours. They get all the attractions when blooming completely. The treasure of Australia depends on 12000 species of native wildflowers planted in the land of this country. The fanatical floral area is scattered along with red sandy trails and awe the people.

1. Wreath Lechenaultia

Wreath Lechenaultia Delivery in Melbourne


When these flowers bloom, it looks like a floral garland on the ground. They are grown on sandy or gravelly soils and planted between August and November. Basically, it is native to the woodland and belongs to the family of Goodeniaceae. They generally grew to the height of 15 cm and have a diameter of 1 meter. The blooms range from pink to red colour. 

2. Everlasting daisies

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These belong to the daisy family and grow naturally in the southern areas of Western Australia and extended in South Australia too. The beautiful colours drive the tourists every year. They bloom for two weeks and after that start drying. Depending on the conditions, everlasting flowers are fully adaptable. You can order flowers online with us. It is advised to pick the flowers in the morning as daisies close up at night. The fresh flowers are picked and keep in the container of water.

3. Starflowers

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The elegantly fragrant flowers are starry and bloom in spring. They produce a flush of bright blooms and avoid deer and rabbits coming near them. There are 75 species of these flowers available in Australia. One of the species, Calytrix tetragona grows throughout the year, but the colour is very bland when compared with the wildflower. The size of flowers is about 500 mm to 2.5 m and grown in the month of August and November.

4. Green bird flowers

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It is one of the members of Fabaceae (Pea) family. The flowers actually look like the birds that are touching the central stalk using their beak. That is why named Green bird flowers. These are basically found in the northern area of Western Australia. Hot and arid areas are suitable for growing these flowers. The irregularity of flowers catches the glimpse of many onlookers.

5. Mulla Mulla

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The flowers have pink to purple spikes and have grown throughout Australia. These required hot and arid conditions for proper plantation. Also known as lamb’s tails, these are 150 mm long and bloom from July to December. We are involved in flowers delivery online at affordable prices.

When the flowers blossom, it brings hope and fills life with fragrance. These are the sweetest things created by God and welcome happiness. Order flowers now with us at the most reasonable rates. You can find different types of flowers that are perfect for all kinds of occasions or gifts to your loved ones. Choose the one that best suited you. Each one of them has the soul and blossoms in nature making it more beautiful.

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