Top 5 Wedding Flower decoration Trends 2018 in Australia

April 03, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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April is one of the popular wedding seasons in Australia. The weather this month is pleasant and makes it ideal for tying the knot. If you are planning to give up your bachelorhood in 2018, then watch out for these 5 Wedding Flower Decoration trends in Australia.

Bohemian Wedding Theme

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A bohemian wedding theme is simple, artistic, and best for DIY options. This wedding style will give you the freedom to express and personalize décor. The icing on the top is the numerous creative options all under your budget. Just incorporate ‘green’ in your wedding by including a variety of green foliage in bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, wedding arch, background, and any sorts of decorations. Woodland wedding bouquets and floral crowns will throw you instantly into the wedding mood.

Flower Backdrop

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Wedding styles and trends may come and go, but flowers in weddings will remain for years. You can’t have your bride walk down the aisle without a bouquet. She will look more stunning with a wedding corsage around her wrist. Besides that, if you want to add a magic touch to your wedding, then a flower wall made of fresh, natural flowers can create a stunning visual appeal and the perfect backdrop for taking photographs.

Styling Cake With Flowers

                                                         Wedding Cake with Floral Décor


If you want to style your wedding cake interestingly, then decorate the wedding cake with flowers. There are many ways to style the cake with flowers. You can have a cascading fresh flowers wedding cake, or a multi-tier wedding cake with a couple of big-headed fresh flowers on each tier and on the top of the cake as well. If you want to have a rustic look, then use a rounded wooden plank to place the cake. Just check that the plank is a few inches bigger in diameter than the cake to place green foliage, and flowers on it.

Bold Floral Arches

                                                         Bold Floral Arches For Wedding Delivery Melbourne


When the entrance of a wedding venue is interesting, it gets your guests involved. So to create a stunning entrance with lots of luscious flowers and green foliage. Any single or variety of bright coloured flowers will do to make the venue a stand-out place. Beautiful floral arches will create an inviting atmosphere

Nature As Your Backdrop

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Just imagine taking the wedding vow walking on the soft ground full of green grass and standing under the cool shade of a massive tree with the priest solemnizing your wedding. Won’t that make you happy? You can even fix a floral heart display on the tree with a pink ribbon to give a little touch.

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