Top 7 Winter Seasonal Flowers to Send Your Sweetheart

July 11, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Do Not Let Your Emotions Dry Away in Winter

Winter is the time when your loved ones need a bit more warmth from you for sure! When everything outside is drying, starting from streams to leaves and even your skin, a special touch of love and affection is something that certainly gives the warmth that everybody deserves in winter.

No, not every branch and flower and leaves are dried up in winter. Nature still gifts us some beautiful floral aura in this season of leaving behind the olds. Yes, nature doesn’t fail to mesmerize us with some of its most soulful fragrances. Here are the top seven flowers that you can present to your beloved one during winter. Have a look!

1] Kale: Want to have something bold for the décor then go for the Kale flowers as boldness is defined by them. If you want that people become awestruck by seeing the floral arrangements in the event then use Kale and other winter flowers to create a classy and stunning style of yours that your guests can’t easily ignore.


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2] Erlicheer: If you are bored of your daily life but can’t have a candle-lit date at a restaurant or somewhere else then create a romantic ambiance with the Erlicheer, because the fragrance of these flowers will surely mesmerize your loved ones along with the cute fluffy look of the flower, which is simple, elegant and romantic enough to wash away all the stress that you are having.

3] Tulip: If you are planning for a wedding bouquet or if you want flowers for any kind of table decoration then going for the Tulips can be a good option for you. Tulips are not just beautiful but they are symbolic as well because different colors symbolize different things. For example, the red color tulip symbolizes love, whereas royalty is depicted through the purple tulip. If you want to cheer up the mood of a party or an event use yellow Tulips in decoration.

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4] Hyacinths: The flower has its name from the legends, where it is being named after the Greek boy Hyakinthos, by the Greek God Apollo, after the flower bloomed from his blood. These flowers symbolize constancy and if you are going for the blue ones then that symbolizes sincerity. You can gift them to someone and at the same time, you can also use them for decorations.


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5] Snapdragon: The genus name of a snapdragon is Antirrhinums which derives from the Greek word “antirrhinum” which means” nose like”. These flowers are found in many different colors like purple, red, yellow, and white. When the flower is gently compressed, it evidently makes the flower look like a dragon’s head, thus, it has its name snapdragon. There are about 40 varieties of snapdragons that the best local florist in your area can deliver to you, however, in order to have the same-day flower delivery of these snapdragons, you need to contact the best online florist in Melbourne, someone like the Melbourne Fresh Flowers. Nowadays, people applaud snapdragons and give them as gifts to their loved ones or to the very special person of their life.


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6] Stock: Matthiola Incana is the scientific name of the stock. It is a night-scented flower that is available in a variety of colors. It gives a pleasant smell and is found in white, pink, purple, blue, and red in color. It is an ornamental plant and the areas not having a freezing temperature it is also considered as a perennial winter flowering plant. Gifting them in a bunch can make the day of your loved ones very special.


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7] Daffodils: They are one of the unique flowers to blossom in the early spring or to be more precise the time span of daffodils starts from the later winter and extends till the early spring and are often connected with springtime and rejuvenation. Daffodils seem to be like the trumpet and are found in different sizes and colors like yellow, pink, white, etc.


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Daffodils mean rebirth or a new beginning. It originates from the genus “Narcissus”. So, by gifting daffodils to someone you can mark a new beginning to your life. If it is your 10th wedding anniversary you should gift your beloved daffodils as your wedding anniversary flower. However, according to Chinese legend, you should gift daffodils in a bunch as it brings happiness, and not a single flower, as it is not considered very auspicious.

Brings out the Charm in your Relationship

Flowers are surely something that brings out the charm in your relationship, spark between you and your loving partner. Among all gifts, flowers are one of the most widely loved presents across the globe perhaps because the sense of freshness this strange creation straight from nature brings to you is hardly any other thing can provide.

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