Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long-Distance Couples

February 09, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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When you search for the best celebration ideas for Valentine’s Day, probably you will get endless options like watching a romantic movie and heading out for a dinner dates at favorite restaurants, etc. While these ideas sound great, what about those who are in a long-distance relationship. Definitely, everyone should be thankful to their partner on Valentine’s Day whether living together or at a long distance.

This day is a reminder that your relationship matters the most. It really doesn’t matter whether living near or far. So, this Valentine’s Day rather than focusing on the miles; use these Valentine’s Day Ideas to celebrate this day the way that brings the two of you together. Choose a lovely gift from this list, plan a fun living or a romantic activity that you’ll both enjoy, and get ready to celebrate your true love like never before.


Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Long-distance Couples

There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day Gifts play an important role in a long-distance relationship. So, if you are not able to spend this date night in person with your partner, a thoughtful gift can bring that necessary spark.

You can go for a Wrist Watch, a Cool Couple Tees, along with Valentine’s Day Flowers such as Roses, Lilies, Gerberas, Carnations, Orchids, etc. and add on some extra gifts like a teddy bear, chocolates, candles, etc. to bring an extra charm to your thoughtful Valentine’s Day present.




By sending beautiful flowers from Melbourne Fresh Flowers, your partner will enjoy a fresh reminder of your love! This sweet gesture of celebrating your love will definitely inspire him/her and make your bond stronger than ever!


A Fragrant Candle to bring that Home-like Feel!

Sometimes, you not only miss your partner, but you also miss the place where you cherished lovable memories together. Maybe the two of you met at the college canteen, at a small café during your graduation days, or while you were working as an intern in a bustling city. Every couple always has a mid-way meeting point where they laugh, eat and create so many beautiful memories.




In case you didn’t know, sometimes certain fragrances can instantly bring you back to that point in time. That means a fragrant candle with vivid flavors is just a great way to fill your partner’s home with memorable fragrances that will take him/her to those treasured times.

You can send candles along with your favorite flowers from Melbourne Fresh flowers and take your loved one to a nostalgic memory lane.


Activities that you both enjoy on a long-distance valentine through a video call

While long-distance relationships are quite not like a cakewalk, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise just with the uninspired video chatting or audio calls.




To add some excitement to your Valentine’s special day, choose an activity that will bring both of you closer together on this romantic day. No matter you both are thousands of miles apart, doing an activity together like watching an old memorable photo album together, reading an old love letter on call while snuggling with a weighted blanket on the couch or spending a night laughing, and eating your favorite dishes together will make that long-distance feel a bit smaller.


Play Your Favorite Games Together

This Valentine’s Day, why not bring on some energy by playing your favorite board game together online?

Even if you can’t play it better while online with your partner, then you can still enjoy your favorite online games together. There are plenty of games available that can instantly bring out the inner child in you. Playing your favorite together while residing apart will make you dive into a relaxing mode while creating long-lasting memories forever!


Learn Something New Together

Spending time together while learning something new that you both know nothing about is a great way to spend V-Day this year. After you’re done with laughing at each other’s pj’s, you can get creative with your favorite time pass hobby. You can try acrylic painting, gardening, etc., and show each other your creativity on camera or by recording.

Even if you’re interested in cooking, knitting, or dancing; you can also go for them or attend an online session together.



Once your course is over, try to make it a regular routine. Practice these hobbies together and check out each other’s progress.


Create a Floral Craft

It’s absolutely true that flowers are an important part of February 14 that is Valentine’s Day celebrations. So, whether you’ve already planned on sending Valentine’s Day Flowers to your partner; still you can create floral crafts on your own in order to spend the special moments of love together.

You can order Valentine’s Day Flowers from Melbourne Fresh Flowers. You can customize them with your creativity and send them to your partner on V-Day or ahead of time.



You can buy a variety of flowers here such as roses for Valentine’s, gerberas, orchids, lilies, etc. And, you can also avail same-day Valentine’s Day flower delivery in Melbourne. This gesture will be truly appreciated by your partner!


Distance doesn’t matter; just enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Whether you and your partner reside miles apart; you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day date in a way that you’ll remember forever. Choose from a variety of Valentine Special Flower Arrangements from us along with cute gifts like a teddy, friendship lamps, box of chocolates, candles, along with a love note, etc., or play a fun activity, and cherish the love with each other, because this is the most important part of this special day.