What are the qualities of a premium florist?

July 26, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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A premium florist does more than just cut flowers and sell them. From years of professional experience to business knowledge, these characteristics are best known and well-versed by a premium florist.

Arranging flowers beautifully and artistically and understanding the meaning behind every bloom is difficult, yet something premium florists understand well. Just like that, many other qualities make a premium florist.

Artistic Skills

Everything you would find at a high-end florist’s store would be an original floral arrangement. These florists don’t believe in replicating the work but rather create something through inspiration to bring something new together. Their creativity runs deep into their core values, ideas and what their business stands for.



Understanding Symbolism –

A premium florist in Melbourne would be familiar with the different shades a particular flower comes in and the symbolism they carry. Great florists understand what kind of bouquet will suit each occasion. For instance, a bouquet of white lilies would be a good choice for a funeral but not red roses.

Product Quality

High-end florists take extra care of the quality of their flowers and source the freshest and seasonal ones. People are happy to shell out a few extra bucks as they can trust the quality of the arrangements and pay attention to the uniqueness of every bouquet. These flowers also last longer than the supermarket ones.

Highly Professional

A professional florist ensures that every aspect of the business is handled professionally. Everything is kept in place and monitored like customer service, product knowledge, creativity, working environment and hygiene.

They also ensure that all legal protocols, staff safety and healthcare are maintained. And continue to find ways to upscale and improve the business processes in place.



Stunning Service

To ensure that the right floral arrangement reaches the customers, the service provided by the staff has to be good. Each employee is trained professionally, provided the necessary knowledge and ensured that they’re passionate and happy about where they’re working.

Consistent and quality bouquets are important and only possible when the service is maintained.

Flowers of All Types 

 You’ll find that a luxury flower delivery in Melbourne will have many choices for flower arrangements. They source unique flowers to keep bringing in new additions suitable for different occasions. Once they have many kinds of flowers, creating different combinations from them brings out something distinct and beautiful.




A great florist will never hesitate to teach or spread knowledge about their floral art skills and understanding. They are happy to engage with fellow florists at speaker sessions, exhibits, seminars or florist associations and groups.

By communicating with aspirational florists, they inspire the younger generation and artists toward the art of creating floral arrangements and exploring the world of floral designs.

A flower arrangement crafted by any high-end florist in Melbourne will astonish you and make you realise the difference between simple bouquets and a professionally crafted one.