What Flowers Should You Send for Easter Sunday?

April 02, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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What comes to your mind when you think of Easter? Most people envision brightly coloured eggs and hopping bunnies. This Christian festival celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and symbolizes new life and new beginnings. Thus, the spring flowers resonate perfectly with this festival as they spread warmth, vibrance and joy.

This year, Easter Sunday is on 17 April 2022, and most people celebrate the day with church service, music, ringing of church bells, having brunch, painting eggs, and gifting Easter flowers arrangements. There are many different types of flowers that you can give based on the kind of sentiment you wish to represent.


1. Lucky Lilies

This beautiful white petaled flower is considered part of traditional Easter flowers and is very popular. Easter lilies reflect purity, divinity, hope and love which makes them a charming addition to someone’s home. Some people like endowing orange, yellow, red or even pink lilies to shower their wishes.

Easter Lilies


2. Darling Daffodils

These bloom during spring and are considered one of the first signs of this season. It livens up any room you place it in and makes for a fantabulous fit besides the colourful easter eggs. This sunny flower symbolises hope, good luck and new beginnings and the person who receives these are filled with warmth by its beauty.



3. Terrific Tulips

Yet another springtime flower that builds up vibrance, joy, affection and love for all. Its petals form a unique bell shape that resonates with the spherical and colourful Easter egg. There are different colors of tulip flowers available with several online florists in Melbourne like Melbourne Fresh Flowers. All these variants of tulips represent another thought and gesture that you can share with your loved ones on this joyful festival.

Tulip flower



4. Delicate Daisies

With a bright yellow bud, soft petals and sweet fragrance, the Daisy is a delightful flower to give for Easter. It reflects purity and spreads loads of joy. A bouquet of these will bring warmth to the receiver.



5. Heavenly Hydrangeas

While blooming in the green fields, hydrangeas look like a beautiful bunch of lively and heartfelt flowers. Each colour of this flower, like pink, blue, white and purple, symbolizes a different meaning. It brings out an immense amount of emotion in the presence of this flower, and the person receiving experiences the soothing feeling.



6. Attractive Azalea

Azalea flowers bloom in the spring season and burst with colour and beautiful petals. They fit perfectly as a table setting and bring life to a room with their invigorating fragrance. They come in shades of yellow, pink, orange, red and white, and you can pick the one based on what you want the flowers to say.

Each colour reflects something different, like white shows purity, pink brings out cheer and joy, and yellow shows affection and care.

Some traditional and unique gifts go well with the Easter flowers, like Spring Wreath with Easter Egg Nest, Easter bunny decor, spring looking pretty pressed flower coasters, rabbit mug, easter bunny topiary, spring truffles and more.

Azalea Flowers


Final Thoughts

Now that you know the different kinds of Easter flowers and gifts that can bring joy to someone, get a gift delivered by shopping online and order flowers through an online florist in Melbourne. Don’t forget to add a special heartwarming message or pair a heartwarming gift with the traditional Easter flowers bouquet. If you’re confused about which one to pick, you can get same-day Easter flower delivery in Melbourne. And, for that, you can rely only on Melbourne Fresh Flowers. The best online florist in Melbourne that provides beautiful flowers for all occasions; like Mother’s Day Flowers, Valentine’s Day, etc. They offer so much variety in flowers and most importantly flowers at affordable prices. So, go ahead pre-book your Easter flowers online now.