What Sympathy Flowers Should I Send?

October 09, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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It’s difficult to know how to approach somebody who has lost a relative, a friend or somebody they were close to. Sending sympathy flowers goes a long way and can turn a sad moment into a more soothing, even a positive and hopeful, moment.

Whether it be personally bringing the flowers yourself or sending a sympathy bouquet to their home, sending flowers is always a thoughtful gesture for a loved one who is grieving.

Sympathy flowers have been used for hundreds of years. They’re a powerful symbol to express your emotions and thoughts to somebody who has lost somebody who played an important role in their lives.

The kind of bouquet you choose is important. The precise flowers including their colour and their smell will have significant effects on your loved one going through a rough patch in their lives. We’ve compiled a list of some floral arrangements we believe are suitable to provide to grieving friends and family members.


Sympathy Lily Flower Online Melbourne

Oriental lilies are a common flower arrangement for funerals. The white represents purity and innocence, accurately symbolizing the soul of the passed loved one.

The colour and texture of the lily suggest that the departed has entered into an everlasting peace and that they’re ultimately in a better place.

They are an excellent choice for sympathy flowers as they’ll help make your loved one just feel a little bit better.


Sympathy Chrysanthemum Bouquet Online Delivery Melbourne


Chrysanthemums are quite popular funeral flowers. In some countries, these beautiful arrangements are used to symbolize grief and in others they are used to represent truth.

Many also say that Chrysanthemums represent tribute and homage. They’re an important flower used to honor to the departed loved one and acknowledge all what happened over the course of their life. White Chrysanthemums in particular are said to represent mourning and grief.

Help your grieving loved one and your family members feel a bit better by giving them a fresh bouquet of Chrysanthemums.


Order Symbolized Sympathy Orchid Plant Delivery Melbourne


Orchids are the flowers that say, “I’ll always love you”. Orchids that come in white and pink are flowers that symbolize the colours of sympathy.

It’s an exotic flower. By presenting these flowers to a loved one who is grieving, you’ll be giving them a flower of love, innocence and compassion.

Make sure you get your loved one the rightly coloured orchid. Pink may represent innocence whilst white also symbolizes humility. Having some green foliage throughout the orchids also provide the bouquet a representation of health and nature.


Sympathy Carnations Bouquet Delivery Melbourne


Beautiful and colourful carnations are a common selection for sympathy flower arrangements. They last for a long time and have a wonderful scent.

A red carnation sympathy bouquet may generate feels of respect and reverence. A pink bouquet will symbolize memory, including all the memories your loved one has had with their departing relative or friend. A bouquet full of white carnations will also symbolize remembrance, as well as innocence.


Order Sympathy White Roses Bouquet Delivery Melbourne


Although traditionally associated with passionate love, the rose is actually a perfect flower to represent virtue, youth, admiration and humbleness.

What emotions the rose will convey will, just like many other sympathy flowers, depend on the colour you choose. White will symbolize innocence while a dark cherry colour will evoke feelings of sadness and grief.

The addition of one single rose in a bouquet of a variety of flowers will show an eternal lasting love for the departed.


The ‘flower of hope’. Unlike the other flowers we’ve spoken about above, daffodils will shed a feeling of positive optimism on your loved one. Daffodils are brightly coloured and are often said to represent a new beginning.

That’s why the daffodil will help your loved one see a shining light at the end of the tunnel. It commemorates the very idea of revival and provides people hope in times of despair.

Purchase a sympathy bouquet of daffodils and let your grieving loved one that although times are tough, they’ll get better.

Sympathy flower delivery in Melbourne

We here at Melbourne Fresh Flowers can help you select the right type of sympathy flowers for your family members, friends and other persons close to you who are going through a hard time.

Flowers are an important gesture and play a role in helping your loved one grieve and remember the great times they spent with their deceased relative or friend. Browse through our online selection of sympathy flowers and contact us to pick the bouquet that’s right for you.