What will be the effect of climate on Australia’s longest running flower festival?

October 08, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The Toowoomba flower festival is one of the most celebrated flower festivals in Australia. What the festival presents includes a colourful series of special events like award-winning flowers displays and gardens, a colourful street parade, delicious food and wine and various other entertainment programs. This is the 69th year of the longest-running flower festival in Australia. All the parks and residential gardens will open up their gates for visitors during the event making the entire city light up in a festive mood.


Flower festival in Australia


The Condition

This year, the severe drought situation in Queensland has forced the Toowoomba Regional Council to impose strict restrictions on water. The shortage in water supply has raised doubts about sustaining the annual flower festival in its full form and glory. There has been some news about cancelling the festival to save water from the tourists who will be visiting the city. But the majority opinion is that the carnival of flowers is one occasion that is a part of the identity of Toowoomba marking it as the garden city. So the citizens and the governing council are all set to brave the shortage in water supply and continue with the festival in the best possible way.


Water restriction at flower festival


The way forward

Most of the citizens of the city believe that gardening is part and parcel of their lives and the
gardens bring in the colour and the freshness that urbanisation has taken away. Apart from the traditional aspects, the large number of visitors and tourists that come into the city for the carnival of flowers also contribute economically to the various industries. This contribution is quite significant, and none of the people associated with these industries would like to miss that opportunity.


Carnival of flowers in Australia


The citizens are aware of the fact that the climate has changed through the years and the lack of rainfall has depleted the water reserves severely.  They are using ways to adapt to the water crisis with various methods.

They are planning to change the type of trees to reduce the need for water, without affecting the beauty of the gardens. The annual flowers require more volume of water, and many residents have shifted to growing Australian native plants that consume much less water.

The focus has been put on drought-resistant plants and residents are careful about water consumption. Using water on green lawns has been reduced.
The use of tanks and bore wells along with special kinds of fertilisers to bring in the best bloom by using less water is being widely practised.

Therefore, the citizens of Toowoomba are ready to take on the challenge and preserve the fame of the annual flower festival. They feel that the drought situation has been a concern for quite some time and the visitors are aware and will make proper use of water. So the concern about water shortages do remain, but that will not stop the festival from getting even more colourful this year.