What’s happening in Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2022?

February 24, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Have you ever been to the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show? It is five fabulous days of floral displays, flower arrangements, and the fragrance of freshly cut grass.

If you know about the Melbourne international flower and garden show history, you must be aware that it is known for being one of the large-scale events with over 100,000 visitors and is among the top 5 flower shows. And after a pause in 2020, the flower show is returning to Carlton Gardens this year from 30th March till 3rd April 2022.

The Melbourne Garden Show 2022 will feature the best landscapes and floral artists from Australia and other countries. You will meet and learn from floral designers, exhibitors, industry experts selling everything from bulbs, plants, tools to garden accessories.


Melbourne International Flower Garden Show


In the relaxed setting of Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, kids and adults who love plants or flowers will enjoy and feel inspired by the beautiful setup and the competitors. During those awe-inspiring five days, plant lovers and floral enthusiasts come together to celebrate their common interests.

Many floral and landscape designers from different parts of the country will participate in the show and offer garden products, tools, and outdoor furniture.

Also, the stalls offer a wide variety of rare and exotic plant species, and when you couple this experience with entertainment and food, it only gets better.

Want to know the details about the kind of activities you can enjoy at this show? Keep reading.

1. The Wedding Floral Showcase

Newly engaged couples will be amazed to see floral arrangements in an artistic light. In the 2019 showcase, there were different creative settings over various wedding tables based on the design trends. Luna Moss Flowers, Florals by Pemberley of Malmsbury, Its My World, and Kiki Flower florists and their teams will be showcasing their floral wedding setup. This showcase is perfect to see what your wedding scenery could be.

2. The Gallery Precinct

The flower and garden show has the ultimate shopping space, The Gallery Precinct, where beautiful gifts are available for purchase. You will find jewelry, arts and crafts, and floral souvenirs along with the tea room.

3. The Welcome Garden

A place where the whole family can relax and plan their day for the show. Make a list of the talks you wish to attend or the activities you want to do. Brent Reid will be designing the Scott Osmocote Welcome Garden this year.


Melbourne International Flower Garden Show


4. High Tea

After spending a few hours exploring the show, you can revive yourself with a pot of tea, ground coffee, or a glass of wine in the exclusive lounge area. Many more refreshments are available in the deliciously crafted menu by professional chefs.

5. Endless Workshops

If you’re an upcoming florist or enthusiast, you’ll love the workshops. You’ll learn to make perfect centerpieces, floral wearables, and insta-worthy indoor planters.

6. Gardens by Twilight

As the sun sets on 1st April 2022; Carlton Gardens and the Royal Exhibition Building will turn into a bed of lights giving it a whole new ambiance to experience. You can enjoy tempting gourmet food, botanical beverages, and a smooth espresso martini blend in addition to the signature flute of bubbly.

Adding to this extravaganza will be LED hoop artists, fire artists, stilt walkers, and life-size sculptures for all the ticket holders. It will be a night to remember for friends, family, coworkers, and couples.

These are just a couple of shows and activities of the Melbourne flower show 2022. You’ll also find Victorian Schools Garden Program, Balcony Gardens, Horticulture Careers Hub; The Diggers Club, Emergent Gardens, family-friendly art activities, RMIT Floral Fashion, and many more.

So, if you’re looking for quick tips on maintaining your garden, or wish to spend a day mesmerized by nature’s charm; get your Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2022 tickets today. Don’t worry about the venue, it’s easily accessible by public transport; or you can drive, it’s not far from the Melbourne CBD.

So, are you ready to feel the beauty of nature?