Why Do People Pick Red Roses For Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2020
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Giving flowers and presents on Valentine’s Day is a timeless romantic gesture all over the world. Flowers make a simple, yet thoughtful gift that depicts your love and admiration for your dear ones. But what makes red roses so popular on Valentine’s day?


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The Meaning Of Red Roses

It goes without saying that the color red is always associated with love. Consequently, a red rose is considered to be the flower of love. Since everyone is trying to express their love on Valentine’s Day, it makes a great gift.

The color of the red rose has a deep shade that depicts the strong emotion of love and longing. Red roses are often given as a wedding gift, too because they represent the celebration of love and union between two souls.

If you think the only the color of roses has a meaning then you might be missing out on something. Most popular of all A dozen roses means “I love you” or “Be mine”.

The History Of Roses

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If we look at fossil evidence, the red roses species is almost 35 million years old. There are around 150 species of red roses that you can find throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

As centuries passed by, red roses became famous. It is not a surprise that even our ancestors used red roses to mark admiration and respect.

Why Red Roses For Valentine’s Day?

Sending roses to your loved ones is a tradition that has been going on for years. But why do people opt for red roses only? Well, red roses have a delicate and mesmerizing look that leaves you feeling awestruck.

What Other Colors Of Roses Symbolize?

If you think traditional red roses are too mainstream, then you can also try other colors. There are several other colors available that are equally romantic. Check out what are the other roses and their meanings:
• Pink shows admiration, gentleness, and grace.
• Yellow shows brightness, cheerfulness, and joy.
• White shows purity and innocence.
• Orange shows energy and enthusiasm.
• Peach shows appreciation and gratefulness.

Ordering Red Roses In Melbourne


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You should also go for a prompt valentine’s flower delivery Melbourne consisting of red roses for your loved ones! You can check out Melbourne Fresh Flowers to order roses for Valentine’s day, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you do not have a clear idea or are confused about picking the best one, then you can check out the more popular options. You can also complement your roses with wine, teddy, or chocolates.