Why Rose Flowers Are So Special

December 16, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Roses are universally gifted for many reasons. There are more than 15,000 species of roses among which hybrid and floribunda are mostly cultivated by the floral industry. Roses are perennial luxury flowers that have become a major staple in wedding decorations. They come in white, pink, orange, red, yellow as well as assorted. You can convey several feelings and emotions with rose flowers. Here are the reasons why rose flowers are so special.


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No one can detect the smell of roses. The delightful smell of these blossoms is soothing and works as a stress reliever. The distinct smell of roses has benefited the perfume industry all over the globe. Roses’ scents are used in manufacturing soaps, shampoos, body lotions, air fresheners, perfumes, and bath gels. This means, roses are not helping humans in daily activities, but also offering employment to people in perfume and other industries.

Varieties Of Shapes And Sizes


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Roses bear different shapes and sizes. There are a few popular options to choose roses such as standard roses, cute ruffled roses, delicate spray roses, and gorgeous sweetheart roses. They come in a cup, inverted cup, globular, and ball shape. Some are also in flat shape with petals flaring out, opened petals, and plenty of tiny petals.

Culinary Use

Wild rose hips have been used in preparing food for centuries. These hips are rich in Vitamin C and are consumed either fresh or in preserved or dried forms. Besides their use as food staples, rose hips are also used in preparing jellies and jam for children and preparing tea, syrup, and wine.

Can Be Paired With Other Flowers


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Roses in any shape and shades are perfect for all types of flower arrangements. They are useful in preparing bouquets, table centerpieces, and wedding decorations. The best thing about these blooms is their ability to raise the beauty of other flowers in any arrangements when paired. They can be gifted on all types of occasions either in single or posy.

Different Meanings Of Roses


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While beauty, love, simplicity, and gratitude are common sentiments attached to roses, they are attributed to different meanings. Red is the colour of love and gifted to people you love and respect. Light pink is to show admiration and happiness, and dark pink for appreciation and gratitude. If you desire someone, present her/him an orange rose. If you value friendship, gift yellow roses. White roses represent purity and innocence. To show you are enchanted by someone, gift lavender roses.