Winter Flowers – Your Next Big Home Décor Accessory

July 26, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Home décor is a creative playground. Styles drift in and out of fashion; old styles make comebacks, while new ones might fail to trend. Of all the tried and tested home décor ideas, floral arrangements have been ever-alluring. Be it any room or space, carefully curated blooms add cheerfulness and elegance to a home.

Worried that the winter chill might keep you away from trying out that next big decorating idea? Fret not! Talented florists are making it possible for you to order fresh deliveries every day. You can order from a range of handpicked winter flowers, including your favorite Australian natives. Retain that spring-like freshness in your living room even on the chilliest of days. Continue reading to find out how.



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Place an elegant floral arrangement to greet you and your guests in the hallway. It is sure to warm your guests up to a conversation and set the mood for the rest of your meeting. Show off your refined tastes and attention to detail. Combine lively colors and fragrances to brighten up a cold winter morning.

Choose a vase with a neutral palette and pack it with a full bunch of winter flowers. Choose from a wide variety of winter flowers. Some of our favorite picks include Anemones, Ranunculus and Poppies. All you have to do is place the vase in a location where everyone can admire the décor from ground level.
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Depending on the shape of the table, place your best vase. The beauty of a round table is accentuated with a single centerpiece. Longer designs might need two or more such vases. Choose a runner with neutral tones for the table. This will highlight the floral hues that you have selected with so much care. A compact cactus also makes a sophisticated style statement. So does a cluster of small potted plants.

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Put together a posy of flowers with sweet peas, kangaroo paws, and Anemones. Or, you can choose to place winter flowering plants in small pots. Place your chosen design on the bedside table. Let those tired eyes feast on the beauty of colors and fresh fragrances. Rejuvenate your exhausted mind and set yourself up for the day ahead.

Posies have the power to lift your spirits on a rough day. They make a special day (or night) feel that much more rewarding. Or, they are good company as you come home to an empty house. Here is a great way to procure your customized posy today. Their cute posy jars bring you the best, handpicked winter flowers for your nightstand. Get set for a happy mood!



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A coffee table is a hub around which great ideas are born and promising plans made. So, transform this mere piece of furniture into a space for inspiration. And, what better way to ignite imagination than nature herself. Waratahs are inarguably the most attractive of the native Australian bloom. Place them in a glass vase and make it stand out on your center table.

A stack of Australian honeysuckles can nest on the corner table or a bare windowsill. Bring out your inner creativity – give it color. The florists at Melbourne Fresh Flowers encourage you to think outside the box. They also give you some great décor ideas with flower arrangements. Check out their beautiful bouquet designs with Australian native flowers. You can put some of them up in your living room.



Cheerful Winter Flower Bouquet Melbourne


Did you think we forgot the DIY enthusiast out there? For those looking for a bit of DIY rustic or vintage charm, here are a couple of useful tips. Take a handful of stocks, tulips, and a sprinkle of the golden lyre. Rummage through those old kitchen utensils that you have packed away carefully. Find yourself an old teapot or glass bottles. Put the flowers in. Place it on the windowsill or simply in a corner space on the kitchen counter. Voila! You have a splash of cheerful colors and a dash of freshness to greet you every time you are in the kitchen.

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