February 28, 2020
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Planning to buy flowers for women’s day 2020? Check out these ideal blooms and convey your true admiration, gratitude and love for the women in your life!

The International Women’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, March 8 2020. The annual commemorative day, sanctioned by the United Nations, has become a time-honoured tradition to celebrate being a woman in society and raising awareness about rights for gender equality across the globe.

Most people use the occasion to convey their deep admiration, gratitude and love for the women in their lives. Gifting flowers is a great way to give meaning to your thoughts and to recognize the special place and achievements of women on this historic day.

This is a tradition that was popularized by the Italian feminists in 1946 when they chose mimosa flowers for women’s day celebration. The mimosa flower is symbolic of strength and sensitivity. In Russia, people celebrate women’s day with flowers such as the rose that is an everlasting symbol of love in its myriad forms.

In Melbourne, too, you can order flowers for Women’s Day to honour the tradition of flowers as gifts. Choose to shop from a women-run florist such as Melbourne Fresh Flowers and let the women in your life know what a big difference they make by just being there!

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For your Women’s day flower delivery, trust Melbourne Fresh Flowers with being on time and to your heart’s liking! The following flowers are ideal for a flower arrangement for Women’s Day:

1. Gerbera: Besides being symbolic of love and purity,
gerberas also represent loyalty. Women are known for this particular trait. Honour it with a delightful bunch!

2. Pink Roses: These flowers represent feelings of admiration and gratitude, making them an ideal Women’s Day gift for your wife or mother or a friend you regard highly.

Pink Roses Box Arrangement

3. Sunflower: Their very sight brings a smile to our faces. Get a bunch of suns to brighten up someone’s Women’s Day!

4. Chrysanthemum: Women are optimistic by nature. Seal this truth with a beautiful bunch of cheerful chrysanthemums to also wish for a long life for the receiver.

Chrysanthemum Flower Delivery Melbourne

5. Orchids: Just like the flower itself, the symbolism represents rare beauty. It makes orchids the perfect gift to tell someone how unique they truly are.

Order Orchid Box Arrangement Melbourne

6. Hydrangea: Convey what you feel deep within your heart – love, admiration, gratitude. Hydrangeas convey heartfelt emotions.

Hydrangea Vase Arrangement Melbourne

Melbourne is decking up for its own celebrations this Women’ Day with carefully curated events such as the MMeets–International Women’s Day Makeathon with Fab 9, International Women’s Day 2020: How She Got There Panel Discussion, ‘Bread and Roses’ brunch at Good Heavens, and many more unique do’s in the city. Grab your blossoms and gear up for the Big Day!

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