We bring happiness by pairing flowers with charities

The immense joy in life lies in giving and making other people happy by making our little efforts. And, charity is the right way of expressing gratitude towards what we have. One small gesture towards kindness can bring a change in many lives, and we at Melbourne Fresh Flowers are extending our hands towards it.

January month charity:

For this month, we will donate 10% of the sales made from our Little Spring Mix Jar floral arrangement to The Smith Family. We feel immense joy when we send or receive floral arrangements, but the happiness gets doubled when it’s shared with more people who need your help. A portion of the profit made by selling every single Little Spring Mix Jar floral arrangement will help all of us to contribute towards a better future.

Let’s make a difference together

This festive season, greet your loved ones, and your colleagues with Little Spring Mix Jar floral arrangement and become a part of this. Charity is the only power that unites us to do better things together and shape a bright tomorrow for others.

January 2021

The Smith Family

The Smith Family is a national and independent charity and they are working towards less-fortunate Australian kids’ education. They are working closely towards providing better education to kids so that they can shape their future. They are creating opportunities for Australians kids who are in need by providing them long-term support in their education.

Covid-19 UPDATE: We are still open and delivering during Lockdown! All of your orders will still be delivered with our contactless delivery procedures.