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Chinese New Year that represents the Lunar calendar year, is all about happiness, togetherness, and prosperity. The Chinese New Year celebration begins with the new moon’s appearance, which happens between 21st January and 20th February. Lunar New Year 2021 is falling on 12th February, and people celebrate this festival for around two weeks. The festivity is synonymous to cleaning houses to bring positive energy, sharing meals, inviting loved ones at home and exchanging flowers.

To mark the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, people worldwide clean their houses to sweep out any negative energy, exchange good wishes, and enjoy fireworks. It is the time when families come together to appreciate the prosperous time and pray for good luck. People decorate their houses with Chinese New Year flower arrangements, and fruits to welcome good fortune, longevity, and happiness. Golden and red are the two essential colours associated with this festival. Golden colour signifies prosperity and fortune. And the red colour represents happiness, honesty, and sincerity.

Chinese New Year floral decorations

To mark the Happy Chinese New Year celebrations, you can also choose flowers of different colours and yellow and red. To make the Chinese New Year flowers 2021 selection more comfortable, we have listed the best lucky flowers for Chinese New Year. Choose your favorite flowers and get the fastest flower delivery in Melbourne.


Rose is an eternal Chinese New Year flower that signifies beauty and enthusiasm among your loved ones. As the roses are available in multiple colours and arrangements, you have many suitable options for gifting. You can go for a beautiful red, pink gold, or our special arrangements including Peach- First Blush, Sweet Bliss, True Expression, and 24 Mixed Roses Bouquet.

It is the best and affordable flower delivery in Melbourne and brings an instant smile to your dearest ones. As a gesture of care, you can club the red roses with a chocolate box and a greeting card. Rose fits the best for CNY flower arrangement decoration at your place as it will add an aromatic freshness while you welcome your guests.

Pink Rose Vase


Lily is also a sacred Chinese New Year flower that holds a vital place among people. Yellow lilies are a popular gifting option to ring on this particular occasion. You will easily find these Chinese New Year flowers in Melbourne.

Along with red and yellow lilies, you can also combine a couple of white lilies in the flower arrangement. You can order our special Bouquet of Love, Pretty in Pink with Vase arrangements to greet your dearest ones. While you buy flowers online, club the lilies with a hand-written greeting card to spread happiness among your loved ones.

Lilies Vase Arrangement Liliybouquet


Orchids are among the most popular happy Chinese New Year flowers that people widely exchange during the festivity. Whether you celebrate Chinese New Year in Melbourne, Singapore, Thailand, or Hong Kong, you will find a wide range of orchids. Ultimate Beauty, Glorious Bouquet, Wild & Free are our best orchids arrangements that are the best fit for Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Sending orchids to celebrate Happy Chinese New Year 2021 signifies abundance, fertility, and happiness. Orchids are a synonym to blessing for many children in the family. Along with this, orchids are also a symbol of luxury, purity, and refinement.

Exotic Orchid box    Orchid Bouquet

Orchid plants

Orchid plants are also among the highly-valued CNY flowers that represent fundamental values— integrity and happiness. If you are planning to give a gift to your family members or close friends, then you can give Lucid White Orchid plant that will stay with them for a much longer time.

You will easily find these plants along with Chinese New Year flowers in Australia for gifting and home decoration purposes. To make your gift memorable for the recipient, club the Lucid White Orchid arrangement with Chinese New Year wishes and fresh fruits.

 White Orchid Plant

Australian natives Flowers

Begin your Chinese New Year celebration in Melbourne or where you live by ordering fresh locally-grown flowers for your loved ones. An assorted collection of multiple native Australian flowers makes a perfect pick for $Chinese New Year gifts$.

To make the native arrangement selection easier, you can pick from our best-selling arrangements including Native Love, Native Bliss, Native Wonder Bouquet, and First Impression. These beautiful flowers are freshly collected from the local growers and are handpicked for preparing the bouquets.

Native Love  native bouquet


Hydrangea is an ideal choice for flower delivery in Melbourne and brings a bright smile to your loved ones’ faces. Red hydrangea is perfect blossoms to relieve stress as they reflect joyfulness, peace, and a cheering life. Along with gifting, these are also suitable for home decoration. Whether you decorate your tea table or make your entrance blissful, hydrangea always looks glamorous.

Go for the fastest Chinese New Year flower delivery in Melbourne from us and surprise your loved ones by greeting them with the hydrangea. You can also club yellow roses and chrysanthemums with hydrangea to uplift the celebrations.

white hydrangea


Proteas blossom is also an elegant option for Chinese New Year flower delivery, and you can give it to your close friends, or family members. Proteas flowers reflect grace, courage, and diversity. Red colour proteas are a perfect pick if you plan to send flowers online to Melbourne at your loved one’s place.

Proteas Arrangement  Proteas Arrangement Melbourne

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are also an ideal choice for gifting on Chinese New Year. They are perfect for decorating houses or office workstations. You can check out Evergreen Plant or Retreat Plant arrangements to surprise your friends with a long-lasting evergreen gift.

Evergreen Plant    Indoor Plant

Delivering Chinese New Year Flowers Across Melbourne Suburbs

Explore a new range of flowers and make your Chinese New year celebration memorable and full of prosperity. Pick the best flowers, club them with a beautiful card or a box of chocolate and get the fastest doorstep delivery.

Celebrate the Year of the Ox in 2021 with beautiful Flowers by Melbourne Fresh Flowers

As we all know Chinese New Year 2021 will be celebrated from 12th February 2021. So, go ahead and Buy CNY flowers online and welcome the auspicious time with full enthusiasm, joy, and togetherness. Spend time with your family members, have a meal together, and spread the warmth of love with fresh flowers for the Chinese new year. You can also pick other flowers to decorate your house and greet your guests with refreshing vibes along with the above flowers.