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Chrysanthemums flowers are the most beautiful flowers and the most popular flowers across the world, after roses. Melbourne Fresh Flowers bring you the stunning Chrysanthemums Flowers arrangements online which will surely take your breath away! First learn all about this stunning flower, its growing season, meanings, etc. Then, you can send chrysanthemums flower arrangements to your loved ones with our best flower delivery services in Melbourne.

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    Different Colours & Meanings of Chrysanthemum Flowers

    This vibrant-looking fluffy bloom is popular for its royalty and special meanings based on its variant colors. There are more than 150 varieties of Chrysanthemums flowers to choose from. They come in a huge variety of vivid colors, shapes, and sizes, symbolizing different feelings and meanings at budget-friendly prices.

    Since the Chrysanthemums grow in the fall season, it signifies beauty and joy despite the approaching winter season. This mesmerizing flower is known for its various meanings across different cultures, religions, and periods. However, generally, it represents happiness, charm, longevity, as well as optimism.

    Let’s learn the meanings of its multiple colors available worldwide. We brought a quick guide for you with the different shades of chrysanthemum flowers and their significance.

    1. Red chrysanthemums symbolize Deepest Love and Passion

    2. Yellow chrysanthemums symbolize Sorrow and One-sided love

    3. White chrysanthemums symbolize Honesty and Devotion

    4. Violet chrysanthemums are used to say get well soon

    5. Pink chrysanthemums infuse enduring Romance and Longevity

    Chrysanthemum Flower Colors for Different Festivals & Occasions

    The stunning chrysanthemum flower generally infuses positive energy. It can lift up someone’s mood at a time of need. You can send chrysanthemum flowers online for a lot of different occasions, on the basis of their color!

    All in all, the charming chrysanthemum blooms are considered as the symbol of joy and optimism. Just like roses, their variant colors also represent different meanings.

    1. Send Pink chrysanthemums when the relationship is New or on the First Date

    2. Celebrate Wedding Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day with Red chrysanthemums:

    3. Yellow chrysanthemums marks the best gift when its Friendship’s Day, Unfortunate Separation or Recovery from illness

    4. Violet chrysanthemums marks the warm gesture to say Get Well Soon

    5. White chrysanthemums represent Sympathy and Peace during tough times in life like Funerals etc.

    Origin of Beautiful Chrysanthemum Flowers

    Chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower which is also known as mums. It was first cultivated in China. It is just like a daisy flower that symbolizes the power of life. It consists of an array of soft petals and flower heads, and each petal is a single ray floret and grows in a mild climate and during full sun.

    It comes in a variety of beautiful colors, ranging from red, pink, white, yellow, to deep bronze and many more. This flower symbolizes devoted love, loyalty, and passion. You can send them as a token of love and joy to your loved ones. If you love flowering plants and planning for planting chrysanthemums, then, just do it right away!

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