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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Delivery Information 

At Melbourne Fresh flowers, all arrangements are hand-arranged by our expert florists and delivered straight to the recipient’s home, office, hospital or venue. Our team arranges and delivers your flowers with care. You can be assured that your order will be of the best quality using fresh and seasonal flowers.

Delivery Process: -

1) Courier picks up the flowers at 1.00 PM and delivers as per the delivery route.
2) If its business then it goes to the reception.
3) for residential deliveries, If the recipient is not at house/Unit then we -
a) We leave it at a safe location (mostly near the door) and contact recipient 
b) If it’s not safe then we bring it back to shop and redeliver the next day ( Extra charges will apply)
4) We always try to contact recipient /Sender if we are unable to deliver
5) As a driver has to do other deliveries, we CANNOT reroute your order instantly, so it has to be the next day
6) Secured ( Automated doors) Apartment and houses are most difficult to deliver flowers ( in case recipient is not at home) as most of the concierge refuse to accept flowers behalf of the recipient we try to contact recipient/sender to decide the next course of action.

Flower Care Instruction

Follow these simple steps to get the most out of your Flowers!

1] Re-cut the stems and place in fresh water on arrival.

2] Add the flower food to the water and follow the instructions on the sachet

3] If your flowers have long stems place in a tall vase to support blooms.

4] Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid heat & drought. A cool spot is best!

5] Remove all foliage below the water line.

6] Change water and re-cut stems regularly. Most importantly enjoy them! 

Melbourne Fresh flowers Delivery Times and Information

Flower Delivery Process:-

We buy flowers fresh from the market every day as per orders received, this way we can use only Fresh flowers sourced daily from our supplier as per demand.

Flowers are delivered by 5.00 PM for Business and 6.00 PM for Residential.

The above timings are the latest. Usually 90% of the time all deliveries are done by 4.00 PM but some time due to traffic and some other unforeseen reason it may be getting delayed.

Orders Monday - Friday:

Monday to Friday Deliveries: Our Cut off time to place an order for same-day delivery is 12:30 PM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Orders placed BEFORE 12:30 PM for business deliveries are guaranteed to arrive (anytime) by 5 PM on the same day. Orders placed BEFORE 12:30 PM AEST for residential deliveries are guaranteed to be delivered (anytime) by 6.00 PM.

Orders Saturday:

Saturday Deliveries: Our Cut off time to place an order for Saturday same-day delivery is BEFORE 9.00 AM AEST. Orders placed BEFORE 9.00 AM AEST on Saturday for the same day will be delivered (anytime) by 5.00 PM

For Suburbs in outer Melbourne (More than 20kms from CBD) deliveries may get delayed up to 7.00 PM but that's worst-case scenario due to traffic conditions.

These cut off times do not apply to busy floral events including (but not limited to) Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas. 


We're sorry; we cannot offer specific delivery times. But where necessary, a specific delivery time can be requested directly with our sales team on 1300 60 20 11 or through email to [email protected] (BEFORE placing an order) Please note that although we will try our best to fulfill your request, it unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.

For special funeral service delivery requests we also suggest that you contact us directly on 1300 60 20 11 or email to [email protected]


Make sure you have correct name and address for recipient along with local contact number as it will save our time with your delivery. Please verify the address on your order invoice. Melbourne Fresh Flowers is not responsible if an incorrect delivery details/address is supplied. There will be Redelivery fees applicable in case if you OR the recipient changes the address or address is incorrect. So, please make sure all details are correct to avoid disappointment.


Please ensure that you provide a valid phone number and e-mail address when placing your order to allow us to contact you should there be any questions or concerns. Please read our privacy policy if you have any concerns regarding your privacy.

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding your order or are unsure how to purchase online. Our friendly customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry.


As you can see there are few options on the website for delivery instructions

Return to florist - Flowers will return to florist if undelivered and there will be redelivery fees for next day delivery ( we absorb the courier charges to bring flowers to our shop )

Leave at the reception - Flowers will be delivered to the reception. if unattended we will leave at the front counter.

Leave at the front door – If the recipient is not home, we will leave flowers at the front door safely and Notify recipient. Please note we do not take any responsibility if the products/flowers are been picked up or stolen by someone


We like to keep our customers in the loop, and we understand that you're patiently waiting for an email or sms that everything was delivered without a problem, which is why we like to send notifications and updates.

We will send SMS or email to the senders email address provided by you to let you know about the delivery confirmation.

Delivery Areas:

A local delivery fee is added to each order, for each address. Delivery to, secured buildings or cemeteries cannot be guaranteed. We do not deliver to PO BOX or LOCKED BAG addresses.

We do not guarantee delivery to the following places: -

• Intensive Care Units
• Army, Air force and Naval Bases
• Ships
• Jails
• Secured Apartments
• Mines

• We apologies for any inconvenience but delivery to these areas and the facilities are very difficult.

In some circumstances, for example, when delivering to some business addresses, hospitals or universities, we may not be able to deliver the flowers directly to the intended recipient. Please note that these circumstances are outside of our control. In this case, we will deliver to the reception area or mail room and (where possible)

To ensure the highest likelihood of delivery success, please ensure that you provide as much information regarding the location of the recipient as possible within the delivery address, including department name, floor number, etc.

Hospital-specific delivery issues

Please make sure you provide full name of the patient (should be matched as per the hospitals record) Please ensure the patient is still admitted at the hospital (You can check with Hospital reception before placing an order). If the patient has been discharged, we would be happy to arrange re-delivery to Patients residential address at an extra charge equivalent to the delivery suburb cost

In the event that the patient is in intensive care, the Hospital will most likely be unable to acknowledge Flowers. You can ask the hospital reception and confirm if they accept the flowers. If they don’t accept the flowers it might be best to hold up to send flowers once the patient is moved out of intensive care.

Contactless Delivery

To keep our customers & delivery team safe, we're implementing contactless delivery. You'll still get the same great service from Melbourne Fresh Flowers.

We've advised our drivers as follows: 
1] Wherever possible, our drivers must now not come into direct contact with customers / present recipients.

2] Where secure to accomplish that, our drivers may not be handing gifts to recipients, instead of leaving them at the front door of residential addresses 
or inside the foremost entrance/ reception of business addresses.
3] Our drivers will ensure the recipient is alerted through knocking at the door or ringing the doorbell or contact on the number provided for the recipient. They have also been briefed to sanitize their hands at the begin and stop of every shift and in between each drop off. 

4] Drivers will take a photograph as evidence of delivery in case no one is present at the time of delivery.

All drivers are authorized to put on face mask at their personal discretion (despite the fact that this isn't always obligatory). We ask that our customers kindly display recognize & information to any drivers selecting to achieve this.