We provide same day flower delivery.

What time will my order arrive?

Flowers are delivered between 9am and 5pm to business addresses and between 9am and 6pmto residential addresses. Couriers pick up at 11am and 2pm, so the sooner you have your order in, the sooner it is likely to reach its destination! We cannot guarantee specific delivery times.

How can I ensure my order is successfully delivered?

While doing flower delivery in Melbourne, please provide as much as relevant information as possible to ensure prompt delivery. Flat numbers, business name if applicable, ward/room no. for hospital deliveries etc. are all very useful for our couriers. There is a ‘special delivery instructions’ field on checkout that you can use for any extra delivery information that you think may be relevant, such as: ‘main entrance is at back door, watch out for the dog!, please call xxx if any problems’.

My delivery suburb isn’t listed, what can i do?

If your suburb is not listed we may still offer delivery to that area, please contact us for further information.

I’ve received some flowers, but I don’t know who they’re from?

We are unable to disclose the sender’s information (due to privacy laws) unless the sender allows us to.

Do you deliver on Sundays?

Sorry, we currently deliver Monday through Saturday with the only exception being Mother’s Day (2nd Sunday in May).

Can you guarantee delivery on a specific date?

Yes, we will deliver your order on your specified date, which you can choose during checkout, providing there are no delivery problems such as an incorrect address or there is no-one available to accept delivery and there is nowhere safe to leave the delivery. Melbourne Fresh Flowers is an

online florist in Melbourne who understands the importance of timely delivery to its clients

What happens if the recipient isn’t in when you deliver?

If there is a safe place (sensible discretion will be used) to leave the delivery the courier will do so and will also leave a calling card in the recipients letter box. If there is no safe place we will attempt to contact you or the recipient (if you have left us instructions to do so) to receive further instructions. Should a re-delivery or re-direction be necessary we will need to charge a re-delivery fee equal to the standard delivery charge for the suburb of re-delivery?

Can you deliver to Businesses or Hospitals?

Absolutely! but to ensure prompt delivery please provide as much information as possible including anything you may think is relevant, such as the business name or ward/room no. etc.

What if I have to choose wrong product and now want to change it?

You need to inform us ASAP and pay for difference between old and new product. There is option of make payment in “Buy now” for your payment. Unfortunately we cannot refund if you choose product with less price than original.


How do i place an order on your website?

It’s simple process of choosing which product you’d like to send, then clicking on the ‘add to my basket’ button to be taken to the product page. From there you can choose the product options you would like. Then, continue on to the checkout page to enter the information relevant to delivery, such as the recipients address and the message you would like to send. Enter your payment details then click the ‘Place Order’ button and you’re done!

If you are having problems ordering, you are welcome to give us a call on 1300 60 20 11

Will i receive an invoice?

Yes, after you place your order you will receive a copy of your invoice sent to the email you entered during checkout.

I’ve tried to place an order but something’s gone wrong, what can i do?

Please contact us and we’ll try to assist you in any way we can.


How fresh are your flowers?

We have flowers delivered daily to ensure the utmost freshness and quality. The flowers we send out are fresh, premium quality flowers. We have found the vast majority of people prefer their flowers to last as long as possible and like to watch them open up into vibrant, beautiful flowers over time, therefore, orders are sent out mostly in bud form to ensure extended vase life so your recipient can enjoy their flowers for longer.

Why are your flowers cheaper than most other online florists?

We are a local online florist with local prices. By operating completely online and delivering directly to customers in the Melbourne area (instead of using are lay service) we are able to keep overheads down which means lower prices than many online florists, who need to keep prices higher in order to deliver interstate/worldwide through relay systems.

I’m not sure what i should buy, can you help me?

You can go through categories as per occasion or alternatively, We’d be happy to try and assist you in making the right decision for the occasion, just call our experienced florists directly on 1300 60 20 11


Are you a relay service or a call center?

No, we are proudly a 100% locally owned Melbourne florist. When you call us you will be speaking directly to one of the florists who will make up your order. All orders are made by us and to ensure quality, we don’t relay your order to another florist, which is why we only service the Melbourne area.