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    Melbourne Fresh Flowers Blogs

  • 12 Mar 2018

      How Keep Cut Flowers Blooming For Longer Time?

    Nothing in this world is ever lasting. All the living beings, living organism, man-made and nature's creation perish with time. Flowers too are not spared of this bitter truth. When fresh cut flowers are used in bouquets and arrangements, they bring lots of cheers and happiness to the beholders. But sadly, they start wilting and leaning downwards after a few days. Luckily, you can make cut flowers last longer by following these tips.                                                         ...
  • 05 Mar 2018

      7 Common Flowers And Their Secret Meanings

    Flowers are the beautiful gift from the nature and they have a magical aroma and their beauty. Whether it is a Valentine Day, occasion, New Year, birthday or anniversary; flowers are best options to decorate your venue or present as a bouquet. The flowers are most affordable way of explaining your emotions to others. Every flower hides its own meaning. The root of these meanings comes from Roman and Greek mythology. Here, we are discussing some of the common flowers having secret meaning. 1. Hydrangeas                                  ...
  • 27 Feb 2018

      Autumn Flowers And Their Meanings

    Autumn brings to us a few vibrant, beautiful, flowers worth gifting. It is that time of the year when leaves from the tree start to fall indicating the knocking of the winter. This pleasant season usually starts from March and continues up to May in Australia. Flowers that bloom in this season are worth for bringing a new life into any home and gifting loved ones. Hyacinths                                                                   ...
  • 22 Feb 2018

      5 Gorgeous Garden Wedding Ideas

    For an outdoor wedding, you can tie the knot in a public park, private garden, a winery, or the open space of your backyard. Even hotels offer open space for weddings. You just need a garden-wedding theme to flare romance. Fulfilling your commitment towards your love amidst greenery  is a romantic way to say “I do.” Here are 5 gorgeous garden wedding ideas. Garden Flower ArchAll brides and grooms dream of a grand entry to the wedding venue since all the guests' eyes are glued towards the entrance. So a flower arch made of cut flowers, and lots of green ...
  • 14 Feb 2018

      February Birth Flowers And Their Meanings

    Wishing friends and relatives on their birthdays with gifts and flowers has been a tradition that dates back to the Victorian era. Since flowers were essential part of birthday gifts, the “language of flowers” evoled. A specific meaning was ascribed to flowers according to the month they were gifted. This is how birth flower originated. Each birth flower is distinct with specific meaning and significance. So if you want to wish someone on his or her birthday, know these February birth flowers and their meanings.Iris FlowersIris flower has been associated with the Greek goddess Iris. It also means “rainbow” in ...