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    Melbourne Fresh Flowers Blogs

  • 19 Aug 2019

      How to Choose the Best Birthday Flowers

    Flowers are the ultimate way to show someone you care. When it comes to birthdays, “thank you’s”, congratulations, and special occasions, flowers are a classic gift, showing thought, care and style.When it comes to choosing flowers for someone, the style and arrangement should be based on the occasion - Valentine’s day and anniversaries call for classic red roses, or other romantic favourites. A new baby might be celebrated with a bunch of pink or blue blooms. For birthdays though, we have the option of choose either seasonal bouquets, or those associated with the birth month in question. If you don’t ...
  • 13 Aug 2019

      New Baby Flowers: Delivered to Congratulate Parents on Arrival of Their New Baby

    The arrival of a new baby calls for a celebration. What better way to welcome a newborn baby, a new life, than with a beautiful bunch of flowers? If someone you know has recently given birth to a child, giving the couple or the mother flowers is a good way to express your congratulations and let them know you care.Melbourne Fresh Flowers lets you pick from a host of charming blooms that lets you say “well done!” Pick your favorites from our range of lilies, carnations, orchids, and the ever-reliable rose. Whatever be your choice, we offer the best flowers ...
  • 07 Aug 2019

      Five Flowers For The Upcoming Spring Season

    Who doesn’t love flowers? With spring blooming (pardon the pun) a gift of flowers is the perfect way to make somebody’s day, brighten your home or office or to simply treat yourself. Here are five beautiful flowers to buy this upcoming spring season.LiliesWhether you are looking for a gift, or just want a nice display for your home or office, lilies are a perfect choice. This flower, which has been around for 2,400 years, is known for being very versatile, blooming in a multitude of colors. Lilies are best suited for anniversaries, Mother’s Day and as a congratulatory gift. Not ...
  • 11 Jul 2019

      Top 7 Winter Seasonal Flowers to Send Your Sweetheart

    Do Not Let Your Emotions Dry Away in Winter Winter is the time when your loved ones need a bit more warmth from you for sure! When everything outside is drying, starting from streams to leaves and even your skin, a special touch of love and affection is something that certainly gives the warmth that everybody deserves in winter. No, not every branch and flowers and leaves are dried up in winter. Nature still gifts us some beautiful floral aura in this season of leaving behind the olds. Yes, nature doesn’t fail to mesmerize us with some of his most ...
  • 26 Jul 2019

      Winter Flowers – Your Next Big Home Decor Accessory

    Home decor is a creative playground. Styles drift in and out of fashion; old styles make comebacks, while new ones might fail to trend. Of all the tried and tested home decor ideas, floral arrangements have been ever-alluring. Be it any room or space, carefully curated blooms add cheerfulness and elegance to a home.Worried that the winter chill might keep you away from trying out that next big decorating idea? Fret not! Talented florists are making it possible for you to order fresh deliveries every day. You can order from a range of handpicked winter flowers, including your favorite Australian ...