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Colorful Flowers For Indian Wedding Melbourne


When it comes to Indian Weddings, the word ‘décor’ is considered synonymous with a picturesque setup curated with a variety of flowers, satin drapes, luxurious centerpieces, intricate chandeliers, and whatnot. The use of different colors, materials, and textures accentuates the theme of any wedding setup. Regardless of the season, the most indispensable part of every setup is flowers. And we are the Online Florist Melbourne trusts!
An Indian wedding is usually celebrated for days. It can range from a few days to almost a week with different days designated to different themes and celebrations. Traditionally, Indian Weddings include a Mehendi ceremony, a sangeet function, the main wedding day, and a grand reception. Each element in a ceremony has a color and flower type associated with it. Whether it is about décor or props, flowers are always the essential central idea of every ceremony.

Importance of Colours in Indian Wedding Flowers

Roses, Orchids, Jasmine, or Carnations, each variety of flower has a sentiment attached to it. In fact, every color has a unique symbolism affixed to it. For instance, the Mehendi functions are adorned by usually the yellow-colored flowers which symbolize sheer happiness and new beginnings. Whereas wedding days are always themed around the hues of red as it symbolizes union, togetherness, and fertility.
Curious about what each type of flower symbolizes? Let us take you on a tour!


Marigold For Indian Wedding Melbourne


Marigold: Marigolds and other flowers of yellow and orange hues are the go-to flowers for the ceremony of Mehendi or an equivalent pre-wedding function. Taking its roots from Hindu Mythology, the yellow color is closely connected to the ideal couple Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. The yellow color signifies new beginnings, positivity, and happiness. Marigolds and their floral arrangements add much-needed warmth to your special event. From décor to bridal jewelry, the yellow and orange colors are the perfect match for the ceremony.

Roses: The classic red roses have always been the first choice for every bride. This color is associated with Goddess Durga and hence the first choice for bridal lehenga. The red roses signify prosperity and fertility, hence they are essentially used in the most auspicious ceremony of ‘jaimala or varmala’ – the exchange of wedding garlands between the bride and the groom. Rose petals are showered on the newly wedded couple as a reflection of happiness and excitement by wedding attendees.


Roses For Indian Wedding Melbourne


Fresh Rose Flower Heads: Representing passion and vibrance, these flower heads are exclusively used to make the wedding venue backdrops breath-taking. Fresh rose flower heads are used by hair stylists to put together the traditional hairstyles for the bride. The addition of fresh rose flower heads is the most sought-after trend in mandap decoration and table centerpieces. Your guests will not forget the lingering rose scent for a long time!

Orchids: Luxury is a part of an Indian wedding. Orchids signify support, wisdom, and luxury. They make a perfect choice for backdrop decoration, mandap backgrounds, and bouquets. These flowers have recently made their way into Indian Wedding Décor for inducing the sense of panache. So if you want to tie age-old traditions to modern world choices, it’s time to Order Flowers Melbourne!

White Jasmine: White Jasmines are known for bringing good luck along with divine fragrance. In many Indian wedding traditions, the brides wear strings of woven jasmine in their hair. Even the bridegroom sometimes wears a veil of fresh jasmines as a part of the tradition. It is also the most preferred choice for combinations used to make beautiful wedding garlands.

Fresh Carnation Flower Heads: These flowers are known as the Favourite Wedding Flowers for all right reasons. The frilly edges and fluffy appearance makes them a perfect choice for bouquets and photography backdrops. The massive choice of colors like orange, pink, purple, green, and yellow make these flower heads all the more attractive and essential. Adding these to an Indian wedding décor adds the hint of refreshing fragrance and elegance to both indoor and outdoor wedding venues.

Mixed Flowers Arrangement: With Indians getting more experimental with floral designs, custom combinations are now in trend to blend the preferences of bride and groom. Not just Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Orchids, Marigolds, or Jasmine, we have a massive variety of flowers at hand for you to choose from. Even if it is a last-minute flower delivery in Melbourne, we are here for you!

Significance of Flowers – Real vs. Artificial
When it comes to Indian Wedding Decor, the touch of real flowers is irreplaceable. The sense of authenticity that fresh real flower heads bring is beyond comparison. But if want to go easy on your budget or have any other limitation, it is advised to go for combinations made with real flowers.

Our Products & Services
From our massive experience in the industry, we have got you covered for all your flower needs. We are dedicated to creating a memorable wedding for you full of freshness and fragrance that you and your guests will remember for years to come.


Orchids flowers For Indian Wedding


1. Customized Floral Designs
Want to leave a mark in everyone’s memory with your wedding décor? Let us help you ideate and curate customized floral designs for the big day. From traditional buds to exotic flower heads, we have an extensive variety to portray your visions of floral décor. These impeccable combinations will reflect your individuality in a way nothing else can!

2. Mandap Decoration – Indoor & Outdoors
For weddings or for ceremonies like Mehendi or sangeet, we have the prowess to create exquisite mandaps for you, both indoors and outdoors. Using premium satins, silks, linens, and floral arrangements, these mandaps are exclusively put together in accordance with your taste and style. Our indoor mandap decors are delicate and intricate, whereas outdoor wedding mandaps are more elaborate and flowy.


Indoor Wedding Roses Melbourne


3. Reception Decoration – Indoor & Outdoor
An elegantly designed reception and wedding venue mark the most important aspect of an Indian wedding. The drapes and flowers work in combination to make your dream wedding come true. We have the most talented and trained team to make your special day memorable.


Indoor Reception Flowers Melbourne


4. Variety of Centrepieces
The world of centerpieces offers hanging floral chandeliers, exquisite floral table centerpieces, elegant backdrops for photography, and whatnot. We can make your tables look inviting and luxurious with just the right addition.


Indian Wedding Centerpiece Flowers


5. Personalized Consultation For Events Décor
Are you looking for arranging decor for an event? Don’t worry! Our team works tirelessly to provide you with a personalized consultation for every kind of event décor. We make sure that every little detail is taken care of.