The Amazing True History of Orchids and What Their Colours Represent

September 28, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The History of Orchids

The beauty of flowers cannot be expressed in words. Many poets have made prose and poems on flowers. They are striking pieces of nature and gift to mankind. Their demand has never faded over the years. People are in love with them and need them for worshiping

, decorations and even wishing their loved ones. Although there are many flowers, but few of them have been laureated for their striking appearance. Orchid is one of the peculiar floral species having beautiful features and people can easily fall in its love.

Orchid is of the flower coming from the family of Orchidaceae which are diverse family of flowering plants. They are the one of the largest floral family. They have about 28000 species and orchids are known for structural variations in the flower. Orchids is one of the best ornamental plants around. Their delicate beauty and exotic variety makes them luxurious and opulent species. You may find in major event decorations due to its majestic looks and varied colors

. Orchids are one of the best flowers available for floral patrons. Keeping them in a vase for your living room can be a excellent idea.

The term Orchid was introduced in 1845 by John Lindley in a school botany as a shortened term of Orchidaceae. It is native to regions of Asia and Australia. The species of Orchids grow on tree branches and between rocks among others. They also grow in grassland areas such as pastures. The orchids adapt to variety of environments which is why they are easy to maintain. They come in myriad colors

like pink, green, lavender, yellow, blue and white among others. They are searched and traded by international collectors. There is no wonder why people are attracted to Orchid flowers.

Orchids are known to have healing and disease curbing properties. In ancient China, the orchids were used to heal coughs and lung illnesses. Chinese have the major significance for Orchids flowers as it represented integrity, elegance and friendship. Vanilla extract comes from the species of orchids flowers.

Orchids are popular for baby naming ceremonies and baby showers. In many countries, they are associated with fertility and virility. Earlier, Orchids were found in tropics and were extremely rare. Orchids are used for their fragrance in perfumes. April 16 is celebrated as National Orchid day. You can get an orchid flower bouquet to impress your loved ones. Although orchid is known for fertility and elegance, the varied colours of orchids have symbolic meanings.

Orchid Flower Color Meanings

1] White Orchids represent innocence, purity and elegance among others.

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2] Pink Orchids represent femininity, grace and joy. Yellow orchids symbolism

friendship and new beginnings. You can gift it to your loved ones for their success.

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3]  Purple Orchid symbolism royalty, admiration and respect among others. Orange orchids symbolism pride, enthusiasm and boldness.

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4]  Red Orchids represent passion and desire which can be one of the best flowers for Valentine’s Day. They also represent courage and strength. Green represents health, nature and life among others.

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5] Blue Orchids stand for confidence and strength among others.

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