The Meaning Behind 8 Different Types of Popular Sympathy Flowers

November 17, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The pain of losing dear one is excruciating. Nothing can fill the volume created by the departed soul. Though the pain cannot be eliminated entirely, we can at least, try to console the sufferers and express our sympathy over their grave loss. And one way to show you empathize with them is through sympathy flowers.

Sympathy flowers are best to convey express heartfelt sympathy. They can do what words don’t. If attending the sympathy in Melbourne is not possible, send sympathy flowers online and console the suffers. Here are 8 popular sympathy flowers meaning to choose for sympathy setting.


The best way to say adieu to the departed soul and wish him or her a freedom from sin or moral wrong is by sending lilies, which are widely used for sympathy settings. Lilies are a symbol of innocence and purity. So, by sending these popular sympathy flowers, you wish or suggest that the departed soul has found a new life. While white lilies represent purity and majesty, the white stargazer lilies represent sympathy. To console the sufferer, Order sympathy flowers online in Melbourne.




Carnation Flower

These fragrant and long-lasting flowers are widely used for sympathy arrangements. Though found in different colours White, red and pink are mostly used since the former colour is for admiration and the latter for remembrance. So, by sending sympathy flowers online in Melbourne, you are expressing both admiration and remembrance for the departed soul.


Don’t be surprised to know that roses are also used for sympathy’s other than their traditional association with romance and passion. The best thing about these perennial favourite blossoms is the meaning each colour carries. Red roses are best to express love and grief. If the departed one is your close friend, send yellow roses as they represent friendship. White roses have the same meaning as of lilies – purity, and innocence.





When denoting enduring and everlasting love for the deceased is the sole purpose, orchids are apt sympathy flowers. These flowers don a variety of colours, out of which, white and pink orchids are the common choice since they represent sympathy. Pink and white orchids flowers have the meaning of grace, innocence, and purple ones of dignity, royalty, and respect.





France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Korea, Japan, and China consider Mums as a symbol of death. They use these flowers only for sympathy’s or laying on the graves. Whereas in the US, these flowers are symbolic to truth and are considered as positive & cheerful. So whether it is an Asian or European country, chrysanthemums are popular sympathy flowers and often used in floral arrangements along with other flowers.





To pay respect to the integrity and character of the deceased, gladioli is a popular choice for sympathy setting. These flowers are a symbol of strength, sincerity, and strong moral values. They grow in variety of colours from pink, to white, red, yellow, purple, orange, green, and salmon.

Daffodils and Tulips

Sympathy is the time when you must show your strong support to the family members of the deceased. It is also important to encourage and fill them with hope for a new beginning. So, do it with daffodils and tulips. Both these flowers are products of the spring that marks new beginning and renewal.

Forget Me Notes

These flowers symbolize what they are named for. Send these flowers to show the deceased that he or she will always be remembered. They are best to express faithful and undying love and suggesting the deceased that he or she will live in your memories forever.

As the popular sympathy flowers meaning are clear to you now, choose them as per your relationship with the deceased. Express your heartfelt sympathy with best flower delivery Melbourne.