Things You Should Know About Pink Oriental Lilies Flowers in Melbourne

July 17, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Flowers in shade and shape bring pleasant atmosphere and positive vibes. Whether you see them in a garden, neatly arranged in a vase, hand tied in a bouquet or decorated for a function, flowers always carry the gorgeous charm and mystical aura around them. They suit any kind of environment making a stunning presence. We have varied shades of flowers all over the world but some of them are our favorite. Lily is one such striking flower and lily flower delivery in Melbourne has become simple due to quality present here.

Lily or Lilium is from the family of flowering plants growing from bulbs having large flowers. They are mostly native to Northern Hemisphere and extends up to Europe, Asia, Japan, India and Philippines. They are used for culinary and herb purposes in China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. They have gained significance in culture and literature of the world. There are several species of Lilies with numerous hybrids developed. Though there are many flowers by the name lilies, they are not supposed to be true lilies. You can send flowers to melbourne as many quality flowers are present here.


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Oriental Lilies are one of the popular flowers. Oriental lilies bloom after Asiatic lilies. Oriental and Asiatic Lilies are said to be true lilies available. One needs to have proper site for growing oriental lilies which includes prepared space for bulbs, plenty of sun and good drainage. Oriental bulbs start to grow in August and are available in either fall and spring. They also thrive in cooler places and require less than ideal soil. Oriental are larger, fragrant and grow up to three to six feet making it popular as a garden flower. Oriental lilies are available in the shades of white, pink and red among others. You can send pink oriental lilies to melbourne for your loved ones.

With fresh pink colour and dark pink strip down the middle crease, pink oriental lilies make a great combination. This hot pink colour signifies romance and looks alluring. They have a sweet and exotic scent and are excellent as cut flowers. These lilies are ideal for wedding bouquets, table center piece or flower arrangement. It will certainly look ravishing and impress your guests for your function. You can get in touch with Melbourne Fresh Flowers as they are one of the quality florist in melbourne.


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Stargazer and Muscadet lilies are the variety of oriental lilies available in the shades of pink. They are grown from bulbs and grow from mid to late summer. These flowers are well suited in containers and are great cut flowers. Each stem holds up four to five flowers. They grow in full or partial sun and do well in fertile, well-drained soil. You need to transplant them once they start outgrowing their space. Potted plants may be planted any time between spring and fall. They attract bees and butterflies in your garden. You can either leave them in your garden or bring them inside to adorn your vase, they are the flowers which cannot go unnoticed. You can buy pink oriental lilies online as well to save your time.

Nowadays, you get everything on the internet and buying flowers has become a trend as well. You get variety of options to choose and compare. You can also get information about the company you are buying. You can check their reviews online before buying. Internet allows you to online payment which keeps your records. You can also track your order through internet and get flowers delivered at your doorstep.