Floating Flowers Package

May 30, 2020
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Standard Floating Flowers Package From $1343 – Available All Year

1x Floating Flower Centerpieces is another beautiful decoration that we can put anywhere we want. By choosing to have this decoration we agreed to have such a cute designs over the room. The flower itself can be chosen from different flower. The most favorite flower people choose is rose, jasmine, and sunflower. The flower can vibrant the fragrance over the room, and make the room smells good and look better..Your choice of Flower colors

2x On the eve of wedding Day Dinner, we want to show you some of the most romantic centerpieces and decorations you can make. They all feature candles, flowers, and water they are floating on or submerged in. Your choice of Flower colours

1x Groom buttonhole bloom and foliage, 2x Groomsmen buttonhole bloom and foliage

2x Dads buttonhole bloom and foliage, 2x Mums Wrist corsage mini blooms and foliage

Upgrade to the Becky Premium Package Extra From $377

Features all of the above, larger bouquets for Bride and Bridesmaids (approx 50% more flowers in each bouquet)